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  1. I was present there in the initial contact and was not keen on the racist roleplay to get us to open the door to our home. I was not present at the police station
  2. A lifelong citizen of Wales, Madocks would have never suspected his life would bring him here. Being a family oriented, tech-savvy, aircraft engineer with some talent around a BBQ - Madocks had everything - now he has nothing. Although a Welsh resident, Madocks early military career provided many opportunities in the private aerial defense sector. After the conflict in Chernarus settled, Madock's company was contracted to bring Soviet aircraft technology into the modern age. This brought Madocks, his wife and his four children to Chernarus for the past five years. Unfortunately, Madocks was outfitting aircraft with the military during the first days of the outbreak and his entire family became infected. Conflicted, almost convinced his family is gone forever, Madocks could not find the strength to dispatch them. Instead, each member of his family had a gold pendant fastened to their clothes and was left in his yard, with intent to return with a cure. Madocks is a level-headed individual despite his recent tragedies. Despite working closely with the military for five years, he is more than aware of their negative tendencies and frown upon freedom. Madocks, albeit independent, understands strength not just in numbers, but in strong people. He tends to be a compassionate individual but has little hesitation pulling a trigger when a threat is designated. For now Madocks must survive long enough for a cure. Long enough to save his family. Madocks must first survive the cold nights alone using only his previous training and determination to survive. However, that pain is manageable compared to the emotional anguish weighing down on him during this time.
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