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  1. Ralph Hopkins was born in to a low income family in the gritty council estates of North Manchester in July 1990. Living an impoverished life, Ralph began turning to petty crime from a young age and was often found inside his local police station after being arrested for various misdemeanours including theft and assault. Ralph often stole from small shops and committed the occasional street robbery in order to put food on the table. In his teenage years, he became affiliated with a local organised crime group that dealt in drug trafficking and the theft of premium and high powered vehicles that were sold onto the European continent and beyond. Ralph is a product of his environment and can adapt to his surroundings. However, he has no formal qualifications after dropping out from school and he has a distinct lack of practical skills. He is however, a shrewd negotiator through his dealings with elements of the criminal underworld. He has a likeable and friendly demeanour, and is not an intimidating criminal. He is not inherently evil, but rather, a good lad who has to turn to crime in order to survive. In the year of 2020, Ralph found himself in Chernarus in order to facilitate the movement of some stolen vehicles that had arrived in Chernarus at the port, being transported by sea. As the frenzied flu quickly took hold of the island and society began to descend into chaos, Ralph found himself stranded on the island with no means of returning to his native Britain.
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