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  1. Before the outbreak a KGB Field Agent specialised in military espionage. Graduate of Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation where he first met Vadim not so smart but cunning young officer. Moved to Chernarus in 2006 as part of KGB 7th Directorate with main task to gather all possible informations about Chernarussian Defence Forces. Mission was to establish a spy network consisting of all parts of Chernarusian population varying from simple beggars to high government officials. After Red Square bombing in 2009 tasked with establishing smuggling routes through northern borders, during the Chernorusian civil war. He made contact with smuggler named Patryk Wolf. A young smuggler that was caught by border patrol on his first smuggling run to Russia back in a days. Ideal candidate as a steady stream of informations in coming years. With the smuggling routes established allowing to bring tons of russian equipment for ChDKZ thanks to his old friend Vadim from Military Academy, and all sort of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and anything else you can make money from into the country and a lot of refugees back to Russian Federation seeking new place to live in peace. During the outbreak as the Frenzied Flu disease spreaded, more people become infected, food and water started to run out and communication problems started to occur lead to chaos. In this chaos, everyone started to look after themselves. Neighbours became enemies fighting over little food that's left. Military crumbled due to mass desertions made out of fear of their lives. High officials hiding in their luxury homes instead of governing already crumbling country. My friends Vadim, Patryk and me Ivan. Like Three Musketeers, fighting everyday against every odd that world throw at as just to live another day in this cursed land named Chernarus.
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