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  1. My early ages were simple. I grew up in Chęstochowa City, this shithole was perceived as a place full of religious and faithful people.I was raised with my parents, my childhood was easy. I attended public school, spent a lot of time making new friends because I had nothing better to do. My parents always could afford food and clothes for me but they were always out of home, typical workaholics. During my teenage years I started working in a nightclub, I had to start earning money to recoup my parents' years of care and their hard work. My work was a nightmare, every day I had to deal with drunk and stoned people but I also had the opportunity to meet a lot of chicks and a few interesting people. I was greedy for money and adrenaline, stealing wallets from passed out customers, blackmailing unfaithful spouses and adding drugs to customers' drinks if someone paid me to do so. Years were passing, my wage was still crappy but with the help of my new friends I started earning real money. I had access to more information and drugs, but one day I made a mistake. While on a smuggling trip to Russia I was arrested by the local police, they found a few kg’s of marijuana and mephedrone in my car. I already imagined my long sentence in a jail full of gopniks. During interrogation I didn’t mention any names and It was probably one of the best of the worst decisions in my life. My russian friend Ivan somehow got me out of custody and my case was closed. I’m not sure how he did it but I suspected one thing. Russian guy who was only interested in information about important people, I should have known that dealing with him was the easiest way to hell, but back then, money was my priority. I met him a few days later and asked why he helped me. He said I was good enough to avoid problems for a few years and he got a job for me. Drive a car to a Russian Federation, meet his friend, Vadim Smirnov who was a high rank military officer. I had to smuggle a few crates of weapons and heroin to his mate in a city called Chernogorsk. I was afraid of it but he offered me more money than I had earned in the last three years so I agreed. Do you remember when I mentioned my best of worst decisions? That’s how I ended in Chernarus, separated from my family, friends and easy life… I met him and Ivan in Czelabińsk city. We drank some vodka and talked about job. Next day we packed cars and set off to Chernogorsk. I was in the second car with Ivan, when our military friend Vadim drove the first car in case of police or border control. During the long trip, Ivan even jokingly said I can take one of the SVD rifles with me for completing my job without problems. It was a bit late but then I realised that I can be sentenced for gun and drugs trafficking. We crossed the border without problems. We were a few days from Chernogorsk when some kind of new disease called Frenzied Flu started spreading. Government closed its borders, and the country was full of police and military stuff. Ivan tried his best to get us out of this hell hole but it was already too late. From this point we had to rely on each other to survive.
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