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  1. Most of people tell no because it's no RP, but many of this players also cry about not being able loot tank zombies for their precious pvp oriented vests. There's big no for KoS zones but when I watch vids from DayzRP and talk with people, more than 90% only use third person view when shooting, isn't it bad from RP point of view, using imaginary view from behind your back to peek from the corner?
  2. With every day there's less and less players on the server. I think very big drop can be seen after sheds were deleted because hoarders pissed their pants and rage quitted. Check server: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/dayz/6304774?serverRank=1M with every day I think there's less and less players. People don't want KOS on military zones because of RP etc but maybe it's wise decision to implement it as a temporary rule to see what it will change.
  3. *Presses the PTT* Hey dude with Irish accent, can we contact on other frequency? I'm intrested in that car" *Relases the PTT*
  4. *Presses the PTT* I heard a lot of people looks for nails, they propably want to build safe shelter for them, you know, a lot of infected roaming cities... What bullets are you intrested with my friend? *Relases the PTT*
  5. *Clicks radio on* It depends my friend, what car u want to sell? *Clicks radio off*
  6. *Clicks radio on* "Hey there, I want to buy your car in exchange for nails." *Clicks radio off*
  7. Imo they can hoard as much as they want, even in big bases. They only need to be easy to raid. It's RP server so walls etc should be more decorative thing that real defensive measurment.
  8. Roland already mentioned few times that hoarding guns etc don't affect spawn rate. "Hoarding items does not affect spawning of new items, we have removed that long time ago. No matter how much is hoarded away in tents and lockers, new items should continue to spawn at normal rate. So no, bases do not hurt loot economy."
  9. It's not so long after infection started and people instead avoiding slow, deadly tanky infected are farming them for their vests so they can soak bullets. Very logical and RP. I'm fan of this change, ppl will use weaker vests, maybe it will change amount of dead players in firefights and it will propably improve loot circulation.
  10. *presses the PTT* Hey man, I'm not one of their members but I have meet their patrol 2 or 3 days ago in Olsha. You can try looking for them there, good luck. *releases the PTT*
  11. Love the vid with a car.
  12. Guys, we are living in country full of infected, trigger happy soldiers and crazy nationalists. Don't expect ppl to build pretty houses, they want to survive and have safe place to rest overnight. I agree, this base look's like shit but it gave them some protection. I vote yes, why? Because people want to have safe place to store some of their loot and have safe place to rest. What I suggest? Incrase amount of nails needed for building, add a limit of walls/gates per group, not per player in group!
  13. It makes me sad that no one loves Takistan ?
  14. I still don't get how OP can be robbed so often, discriminated etc. We play as foreigners and we had no problem with it. Maybe because we don't let other players order us and when some1 pull out his weapon to threat us, we were not afraid to do same. We met few solo ppl and other small groups. Guess what, only problem we had was because of wearing military jackets with emblem, we were almost shot because of it but we talked for some time and nothing bad happened. I don't get all this shitstorm in this topic o_O OP propably don't know how to behave and this is real problem here.
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