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  1. Xtreme

    Testing a new map on S2

    I miss Panthera
  2. Xtreme

    Supply Crates

    I had a heart attack thinking this includes guns and stuff lol.... I might buy a few of these
  3. Hey all show me what cars you be driving! This is my current car : Fiesta ST tuned to 260bhp ish at the moment only owned it for a few weeks. With a Decat, slight over-run / flame addon too. Here's a video of it spitting flames : Here is my old car : A Ford Fiesta Zetec S custom wrapped in Green (This was about 205bhp running a hybrid turbo) Bodykit etc Post yours below!
  4. Xtreme

    Hey there!

    Cheers for all the welcomes guys, really enjoyed playing here so far
  5. Xtreme

    Sickness/Diseases in DayZ

    Ah right that makes sense, it's weird as I don't have any symptoms (That i've noticed) But I do need to drink and eat alot more then usual
  6. Xtreme

    Sickness/Diseases in DayZ

    Do you have pictures of what each disease icon is? I currently have a icon with a circle then like cells breaking off from it.
  7. Xtreme

    NLR Suggestion

    If the situation changes location. You shouldn't be allowed where that situation now is. Like a moving NLR zone. It's like, you die so your mates run to a different location but same situation, you can just run there and rejoin the combat because it's a different location. So I think the current rule is fine.
  8. Xtreme

    Where is everybody?

    I hang around Zeleno alot, I like it's fairly close to Cherno and close to Green mountain, I've met 5/6 people in Zeleno in my 2/3 days of playing, come up for a drink and a bite to eat tonight
  9. *Relaxing by a fire ontop of a building with the calm Chernarus breeze blowing by* *Presses radio button down* Test ... Test .... This is Ben Archer.... if anyone can hear i'm setup in Zeleno Police Station... erm..... If you're a friendly person stop by sometime for a bite to eat and a chat, great views here in Zeleno and plenty of woodland for hunting...*Releases radio button*
  10. @thysongoftruth and me had some good interaction last night, I only hoped on for abit, Thought he was a zombie at first and nearly shot him but held fire and my gut was right he was a human. Got a fire going and talked all night ontop of Zeleno police station. Cool aussie
  11. Badboi gun please get this added
  12. I agree, keep spawns the same, just more guns added.
  13. Xtreme

    oi whats up

    SAMP RP looks sick, alot of content i've just never been able to get into typed RP properly, then again never given it ago properly. Welcome to the community anyway man, i'm new myself and love it so far!
  14. @TheLamp1 Gave me a building lesson, then gave me and another guy a cooking class, cool guy who's shown me some of the most important aspects of survival in the wild.
  15. Ben Archer is a high school drop out who's 23 (as of current), before the troubles of chernarus he was a aspiring engineer working on a contractor role in Elektro. Working for the local government providing support in their factories and power stations. He was brought up in the United Kingdom by his uncle Damo, this was due to his parents being separated and essentially not wanting a child yet... That's where Damo stood up to the task of raising Ben. Because of his troubled upbringing he wasn't that accustom of trusting people, so didn't really get on with many people in school, he started taking time off to work on things like bikes, cars, and trying to think of inventions to help with day to day life. Damo was an engineer whilst bringing up Ben so often gave him alot of inspiration he needed to keep himself occupied. Ben finished school but with only one or two qualifications. Ben was also abit of a trouble maker in school, picking fights he couldn't win but this was just because he was teased about his parents leaving him. Ben never was much of a fighter though so was an easy target for bullies, this is another reason he wasn't too fond of going into school. Luckily Damo being a well skilled engineer he managed to get Ben an apprenticeship at his workplace. Little did Ben know he was filling in for Damo a year on from his apprenticeship. A year or so go by and Ben has replaced Damo as a skilled highly paid Engineer. He's offered the chance to travel and get paid even more ... this is where Ben arrives in the land of Chernarus. Working there for a few years in engineering he is offered a big break from the Chernarus Government. He doesn't want to miss this chance and takes it. Leaving the company Damo got him into. Ben isn't much of a fighter, he's a relaxed guy who hasn't had a great upbringing, he doesn't like being around big groups, but he'll definitely value having close and trust able friends. He knows he needs to watch his back at all time, and he has a loyal heart. His favourite thing to remember is "don't bite the hand that feeds you" he remembers those who help him get to where he is and he'll repay them in anyway he can. What he needs to discover is, is he really capable of surviving this trouble in Chernarus. Being an Engineer in the past he's well skilled in knowing what he needs to survive, he's a smart guy he just doesn't have the paper pieces to show it, but his practicality skills are brilliant. He'll be a great pioneer in building the right camp for himself and a friend if needed. He's a good cook, however he'll definitely need to find someone who is willing to help him learn the true means of survival in a place like Chernarus. He needs to learn how to hunt, how to handle weapons, how to if needed in the worst case ... kill.
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