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  1. Looks pretty well done. Nothing OP. //Approved
  2. Gregor

    Report War

    Reported for being bully to people in discord
  3. Hopping groups more then I drink Coca Cola 

  4. This happened to me also yesterday. Exact same thing
  5. So... When we thinking cherno will be popular again then

    1. Cid



  6. Gregor

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    Awkward moment when you go to initiate thinking all your boys have their guns drawn Solid kills fam
  7. Never fail to make us happy Watchman
  8. Congrats guys! Well deserved!
  9. Love it. Looks like a fitting part of the map and actually looks like it would just be there anyway. //Approved
  10. Good situations from these guys tonight, started with a robbery then escalated into a big gunfight which was crazy. Thanks for the fun guys and being so chill with my guy who messed up!
  11. @CameronJW Has been promoted to a full Operator! Congrats buddy glad to have you!
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