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  1. Gregor

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Yeah sadly... a lot of the point of this group just seems piss poor on a RP standpoint, they haven't actually educated themselves on a lot of stuff that they're putting down on their thread Not to mention a few days ago caught some of them shit talking about me in discords, and they decided to leave unrelated and pointless comments on my own thread. When they've made basically no forum posts before.
  2. Gregor

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Some people on this list have never given out their second name.
  3. Gregor

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    One thing I will have to add on, Why have you meta gamed multiple peoples full names / nicknames ? Considering this note is IC
  4. Gregor

    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Congrats guys! Defo deserved!
  5. Gregor

    Praetorian Guard

    Please can the roster be updated to remove myself and my guys
  6. Gregor

    Asking for help

    *Greg pushes ptt* British lad, don't put yourself down... We're a bunch of brits in our group too, always looking for new recruits if you want to home in on your medical skills *Releases PTT*
  7. Gregor

    Asking for help

    *Greg presses the PTT* William, my names Greg. I'm with a group called Borealis. What are his injuries? Any Blood? Send me your location on a private frequency and we'll get there straight away. We have a few trained medics. We have any supplies you need to keep you going. *Greg releases the PTT*
  8. Gregor


    Lets do it.


  9. Gregor

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Okay that makes more sense, but with that logic you should be killing anyone who doesn't support that group. We actually left the group 2 days before the war broke out, and didn't have the resources IC to assist with the war. Had we had known the war was going to be a thing we wouldn't of left at the time we did. IC some parts just make no sense, it's almost like saying "hey you didn't help us, we're going to kill you" That's very low level quality RP in my opinion. There is so much opportunity for things to be done, Interrogations, asking that group to do work to repay their debts of not helping, actually seek them out to find out their side and have some deep conversations etc, it gets boring when recently every group wants to focus on Executions. I get your idea but just try and think of other alternatives that are better for both sides, that can make longer and more in-depth story lines... You never know it might even lead to a PK. If someone dragged a storyline on for 2 months with me because of 1 event, hell i'd consider PK'ing myself... Would I consider it if they just found me one day and wanted to execute me because i'm on a "kill list" no. No I wouldn't it would be boring. The way the lore is written is superb so it'd be a shame for stuff like that to be wasted on basic "hunt and execute / torture" Role-play. There is a good niche with this group idea.
  10. Gregor

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Looking very good, but I will say... "what the hell" lol ... How have me and multiple people made it onto a kill list of yours when we have never even met you or took any hostile actions towards your group? That's kinda bad RP in my opinion.... Also your reasoning for that blacklist is "against the common good" When in actual fact a lot of people in that list ... their whole lore is too be friendly people... Also how can you put neutrality next to someones name but then want to execute them lol Anyhow ... Liking the graphics and the formatting, from what I have heard you guys are a good group!
  11. Gregor

    BeanZ WAR

  12. Gregor

    BeanZ WAR

  13. Gregor

    GIVE ME my FAL pls

    When will this man get his fal?
  14. Gregor

    Borealis [Selective IC Recruitment]

    Thanks mate! I did feel the Lore part was a little loose, this is due to i've never really written any lore before, I'll get to work on it with my guys and get it refined ASAP!
  15. Gregor

    Borealis [Selective IC Recruitment]

    Erm... I'm not even in that discord, and I've only heard the name Umbra once because of when I was in the Praetorian guard but... thanks for the feedback!
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