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  1. Thanks man, congrats on becoming a GM! Last time I saw you, you were Support
  2. This is looking awesome, the music choice is brilliant as well, some of the map edits are looking sick
  3. Hello Roleplayers, It has been awhile since I've been on here after incidents you probably all know about.. I wont go to into detail as I'm not sure what the guidelines are talking about that stuff but after a series of events I am once again back on here looking forward to the Lore wipe a bunch. I played very actively since like November / December up until the mid of Feb and some of the RP was insane, a lore wipe is really going to freshen stuff up here though so i'm really excited for that to see new groups, new characters and new ways of play from people. I myself will probably take a different approach character wise as alot of you will know my character Greg to be very forward, i'm thinking a more behind the scenes approach and more of a subtle person. Not sure yet though. About me though if we haven't met before ; I'm 20 (21 next month oioi life begins they say) I'm a IT Technician, most of my work has been in Education but I also have worked for a bunch of different Local Authority governments and some pretty big companies mainly within the Haulage / Dairy industry. I'm abit of a mod maker, dating back to Arma 3 early days making Vehicles and doing some Terrain work. My coding knowledge is pretty slim but i've been a fan of working on LUA recently for GTA 5 / RedM scripts. I'm a massive car guy, I currently drive the UK's most hated hatchback .... a Fiesta ST with some alright ish power (260bhp) I'm looking to get that to over 300 over the next year or so just saving for a bigger turbo (S280 if any of you know anything about Ford) I have 2 hamsters.... My girlfriends idea called Grey (Ye he's grey lol) and Nutella (She is nothing like Nutella she also bites so ... screw her) Really looking forward to seeing you all in-game and i'm really glad to be back, heres to the lore wipe and some quality RP. I'll also avoid having another .... "incident"
  4. Looks pretty well done. Nothing OP. //Approved
  5. Gregor

    Report War

    Reported for being bully to people in discord
  6. Hopping groups more then I drink Coca Cola 

  7. This happened to me also yesterday. Exact same thing
  8. So... When we thinking cherno will be popular again then

    1. Cid



  9. Gregor

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    Awkward moment when you go to initiate thinking all your boys have their guns drawn Solid kills fam
  10. Never fail to make us happy Watchman
  11. Congrats guys! Well deserved!
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