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  1. Well I landed in Chernarus with not much, I'm guessing it was around Midnight, as the moon was at it's peak. With all that has been going on I couldn't get much sleep so I started to explore the area on my own..... While doing so I manged to find a map along with a ton of Zombies... I did manage to make my way to an Airfield on the North East and armed up, which was desperately needed to fend off the Zeds. Unfortunately things did not go to great after that as I only had 12 shots and 15 Zeds. I made my escape through them but got beat up really bad. On my way out to bandage I did find a broken down truck with a nice rifle and 30 round mag! With allot of blood lost, I ran back down the coast in hopes to find food or water only to meet more Zeds. Thinking in my mind this is it, I have lasted this long and Chernarus will be the Death of me in 1 day?? Well then sun finally came up and as I sat on the side of a main road on the coast ready to give up I heard a van! They cautiously drove by as I yelled for help! and they then stopped and gave some Food, Water and even gave me a blood transfusion!! I don't quite remember their names but I do know they were from the "Free Medics" So I thank you guy's! Hope to return the favor in the future.. onto Day 2... K.Stacks
  2. Name: Kale Stacks (aKa Tack) Age: 37 Height: 6' 0" Weight: 187 lbs Hair: Brown (Beard is Red) Eyes: Blue Pre-Outbreak Profession: Masonry Business Owner Demeanor in Three Words: Loyal, Guarded, Determined.
  3. I never said salvation, if you haven't noticed the infection is everywhere now.? I need to get away from what I have become over here, and try to find the one person I knew before I became this man who may still be alive whom I owe my life. If you know somebody on the West coast that can pick me up let me know, I heard papers passing may take some time, and if it means out of here and over there then I will revert to the old me and "get a ride there?" ASAP... Not my App I can not reveal my true secretes here for everyone quite yet. on my way to get my papers to fill out to cross legally.
  4. The Name is Kale Stacks people just call me Tack I am looking a ride out of the U.S. everyone I know has turned on me or fallen victim of the infection, I can't take it here anymore too much has happened and, well let's just say I am looking to start a new life. All the way back when the virus first started a man saved my life and was witness to a horrific moment in my life, but he picked me up and told me he was headed to " Chernarus " So my plan is to head there and maybe see if I can find him. I never got his name and, well... can't really remember what he looks like but maybe if I ask around I can thank him again! I am willing to pay for a ride! I am headed to the East Coast of the U.S. .... somewhere near Boston, Ma if you could meet me there I will Gladly Donate for a ride. I plan on doing this tonight so I will file for my papers after I put this out there and let's hope this works out!! Thanks' for your time, and if you have any ideas to help me or know of anyone PLEASE send them here. -Tack