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  1. Not much is known about Bones' life within the States besides being one of the Salty-Shell Lobster Shipmates which was stranded in Chernarus a week before the Lockdown. Ever since he got separated by his fellow crew members, he has been searching endlessly for clues on their whereabouts and where they might have gone.. So far, Bones has found in total 2 members who both died by going Frenzy by this flu and buried both after having to.. End their misery. Currently; Bones has gotten word about one of his crew members, Blackstone, living around Berezino. And he will stop at nothing to find atleast one of his friends still alive in the madness of this dark apocalypse.
  2. Page 1 This book is to be given to the Good Doctor and monitored by his wise eyes. I want him to always be informed on my condition due to him being (ofcourse) a Doctor. My name is Nathaniel Davis Blackstone, cargoship worker turned... Patient. I'm writing this little story about myself because I fear of my condition getting worse, and this book shall be given to our Humble Good Doctor for him to achieve and research. My condition may be a type of Frenzied Flu, to what I believe, resulting to me having missing memories and finding myself covered in I hope my own blood... but something tells me it's not mine. Here is a quick rundown of how these 'Episodes' play out; Phase 1: Hearing voices and intense growing rage over nothing. Phase 2: Immediate blackout for at most 2 - 3 days. Final phase: Waking up starving and covered in blood. (coming from mouth). I personally call these moments either "Blackouts" or "Switches" due to me feeling like I'm being messed around like a puppet... However, After I wake, I feel free of stress for an extended period of time and have a slight tendency to laugh at these strange feelings. Who I was with Before I had the Good Doctor as my personal Doctor, I was with the infamous group called the Northern Star; a group of mercs who wanted to hunt down the Good Doctor but also destroy those RAC dogs. I will not go into detail of what I have done within the group besides surviving a gunfight and the one who was actively hunting the Doctor. At first, I wanted to kill him after hearing about him.. but when these Blackouts happened, I wanted to find the Good Doctor to see if he had answers for me. Ever since these blackouts started, I've prayed and begged for the Good Doctor to meet me - until suddenly a kind soul decided to lend me a hand... To summon the Good Doctor and tell him of my condition. Oh, how beautiful it was to see him appear from the crowd... He has heard my prayers as he held out his hand to me! And I Gladly gone under his wing! Looks like I must end it here for now... I'll write more once I get more time. All hail our Faithful Good Doctor~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 2 It happened again... I really want to tell the Doctor more about my condition but I do not want him to worry. I could feel my own mental mind decaying within my skull as these voices get louder. There is an event that happened while we were sailing over to Chernarus that only myself and 2 other crew members, Bones and Mav, know about which I should've told the Doctor about... Our ship, the SS Grimwave, was on our "Russian Route" which had us go completely around the States and through the Balboa Port near Panama City; and while we were there, we also dropped off some orders as well. 6 of our guys were ordered to stay in Panama in order to transport the lobster - but everyone on the ship was ordered to take this vaccine which apparently was supposed to help us with this new disease... The Frenzied Flu seem to have managed to spread over to Panama City by another cargo ship, and anyone outside of Panama City who was entering was required to take the vaccination or else they shall be either kicked out of the country or arrested. The effects of this vaccine was to calm someone nerves and be able to resist the common cold more easily, like a basic vaccine... but apparently could cause some mental disorders or worsen pre-existing disorders depending on whoever takes it. I already had minor schizophrenia before taking this vaccine... but I had to take it in order to safely pass thru Panama without any trouble. My guess is that after the Battle of Altar... I might have developed PTSD of sorts which could've caused me to hear voices more recent... But I still do not know why I Fucking BLACK OUT AND VOMIT BLOOD--- *the page goes into rapid scribbled words that make no sense as 3 small dried droplets are dotted across the bottom.*
  3. I am an insider for the Doctor; I was in Berezino when the guy came asking where is the truck and saying how he was attacked by the Patients. I was saying how the Patients may still be hunting him and that it would be best if he hid - But I gotten my fellow Patient's attention via coms. We first walked over to the pub and sat down (due to a police officer telling us to move), and my friend Kane entered the scene. The rest is us lured him out of the public's view where Kane was questioning him (The guy was spared by the Patients but was ratting on them), and in the midst of the questions - the guy pulled out a gun and aimed at Kane, saying that he will not comply. Then our fellow member Sunny pulled out his gun and ordered the man to drop it, giving the man well enough time to drop the gun as well before he attempted to shoot Kane. The rest is history, we ran away after shooting him and got outta dodge to avoid anyone seeing us.
  4. No one could escape the Doctor's hand... Or my knife~ Best of luck to all.
  5. I was born in Maine, USA, in a small town called Bar Harbor - It's a quiet little town that attracted alot of tourist and such, even some big-shot rich folk who wanted a bite of Maine Lobster. But my story begins when I joined my Bastard of a Father's Lobster business; the Salty-Shell Lobster, we were a fishing company who caught, sold, and shipped Lobster globally. My job was working on one of the cargo ships along with my fathers old friend and current CEO of the company due to disappearance of my father; Mr. Lucio Blackstone... I didn't known much about him only that he was working with really shady stuff when I was really young. Our destination was Chernarus to drop off a shipment of Lobster for the Military guys over their, myself and a few others didn't know much about Chernarus so we decided to turn on a one of our laptops and search up any information on the country. All we found was that Chenarus was in a tense situation with their politics and an apparent disease was flying around Chenarus... I didn't thought much about it at the time... wish I never left the states. Uhm- Anyway. We came to dock at Chernogrosk began removing the goods off the ship via crane and by hand. However, while we are moving the goods, one of the other workers got tackled by what I guessed some drug addict and attacked by them. It took myself and 3 others to pull the psycho off of our fellow worker and we promptly tossed the guy off the dock and into the ice cold water. At first, we thought it was just another day until some military folk rolled up and asked for identification papers and ordered us to stay in Chernarus to stop the diseases myself and some crew members searched up earlier. Sure, we thought about telling the soldier about the druggie we tossed in the water but.. He had a gun, and we didn't want to get arrested or shot. That was all about.. like 1 or 2 months ago. My crew all seemed to have been relocated by the Military here but.. I'm not looking to be herded like a sheep by these soldier boys. I'm currently typing this on a beat up computer that's powered by a local generator and I'm leaving this relocation camp at nightfall... Fuck these military guys and fuck this virus. This is Voodoo, signing out.
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