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  1. Sonny Wallace is born in Berlin in 1984 on a sunny day of the 26th of June. His dad was a german and his mom was from Chernarus, where his dad once met her during a roadtrip with his friends. He was surrounded by his parents in a loving environment. The beginning years were of Sonny were very peaceful and quiet. You could even say he was spoiled. As the only child, his parents did everything for him. His father had a proper job as a purchaser for a big oil factory and his mom was unemployed and housewife. At the age of 16, Sonny started to be interested in the more rough parts of life. Even if he was a very innocent child, he was attracted to adventure. He read books about survival and watched documentairies about other lifestyles and bohemian living. He started to work in very basic jobs and after two years of working, he was ready to fly out of his nest. At the age of 18, he started to roam around all places in the world. He quickly discovered his affinity was mostly with hippie-ish people. So he ended up visiting all different kinds of these places, like Koh Phangan in Thailand, Byron Bay in Australia, Boulder in the US. He loved it. At the age of 26, he went to India and spent three years in a zen-buddhism retreat. Here he learnt a lot about life, mysticism, non-duality and so forth. He also met a lot of people from other nationalities and became a good english speaker. After this time of introspection, he decided that it's time to move back home and try to implement his new wisdom. Unfortunately just before he came back home, his parents divorced. His mom went back to Chernarus to live with her family there. This was a great moment for Sonny to start an adventure there. He always had his Chernarussian heritage, but he never really dove into it. So, fairly quickly after returning to Berlin, he went to Chernarus. He still had some spare money and he rented an apartment together with his mom. Until the outbreak, Sonny got a part-time job as a bartender in a local restaurant. In his days off, he spent a lot of time with his cousin, who apparently practiced the art of survival. Sonny felt the urge that this was a great time to learn to be more independent if the future would go south. Maybe because of his spiritual tradition and wisdom, he intuitively knew that this was the right thing to do. In 2019, all the madness started. The outbreak came, people were infected. At first Sonny thought this will be fine. He kept doing his job and all... until he heard his mom was infected too. Then Sonny started to really dive into the subject by talking with a lot of doctor's and researching online. He quit his job and was full-time caring for his mom. At some point, it became too harsh and he had to leave her to the hospital. He was not allowed to visit her. That was the last time he saw her. Hours felt like days, Sonny was extremely anxious if she would survive it. He was also planning that maybe this time, is the time he has been waiting for his entire life. Unfortunately after a few days, his mom died. On the 10th of May, the martial law started. Sonny didn't want to join them. He picked up the essential stuff he thought he needed and learnt from his cousin, and went inland. He went into the forest and built a little shelter there. He knew a place where there's a good amount of fresh water and animals around. He stayed there until this day, not knowing anything what has happened after he left. To be continued...
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