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  1. My name is Kevin C. Loggins. Ive been on the road along time; even before "The Shit" began id been more or less on my own for the majority of my life. never had a daddy to speak of and momma never really took much interest in the whole raising me shtick; hell most of the time the "friends" she brought home seemed surprised to see me at all. Well skip ahead through two tours in Iraq (and a few in places i cant mention without fear of court marshal) years and I thought I had it all. Great civilian job, nice car, two dogs and Sarah. For someone who had never really know what family meant I thought I had finally found mine. When we first started to see the stories online we made little jokes about how good armature cinematographers were getting; when we saw the first national news story "well i guess we should start prepping now lol". Would it have made a difference who knows; the first thing I heard was a car alarm down the street not too strange until I realized it was more than one as sat up i realized sarah was still asleep;and decided to investigate. when i opened the front door that was the first time i heard it; the unmistakable crack and pop of distant gunfire; Just at that moment the dogs begin to go crazy and I hear glass shatter from the bedroom before i can reach the door I heard sarah scream; I don't remember exactly how it went down but when it was over I was holding sarah at the end of the bed covered in so much blood hers, mine, the asshole on the floor I didn't know i didn't care all i wanted was for her to open her eyes; and she did. I left her there; i just left I gathered as much food and ammo as i could carry and the dogs and left. Ive been running ever since; lost suzie last week and her brother scott the month before that now im on my own again and i want to get as far away from here as i can. this old man found at the airport says he used to be a delta pilot before "the shit" says hes going somewhere far away; i hope hes telling the truth but one way or another ill get to see sarah again soon enough.
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