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  1. feeling horrified after knowledge of ball roleplay
  2. penis roleplay very interesting sure unban em i honestly couldnt give a fuck if it gives some pop, but amnesty choices are at admin discretion and community owner ofer makes it clear they aint coming back and thats fair did you know hammod backwards is hamood?
  3. nice group will be KOSing due to @ItsJets membership i hate that guy jk glhf x
  4. ImMike? @Mikeexplain? i thought we agreed 2 men are all that remains and now i am running solo? shame looking like a skater irony
  5. please stop talking now after that comment. offline raiding happens, deal with it, be like me and be gear fear free also its not offline raiding if im online x griefing rules exist, leave it at that
  6. Hello people of DayZRP! Check it out a good question
  7. wowzer! im truly surprised that this group has finally got approved i hope to see you grow from the feedback you have been given and look forward to the new roleplay you will provide to my character "Irish" on the server known as DayZRP safe boys x glhf
  8. haha no stick to horse mod suggestion a kit is all you need threads like these have been made tenfold and always been shot down i like seeing them shotdown, offline raiding doesnt exist when i am online and doing the raiding x
  9. new goals looking very good looking forward to fraggin in the gulag in order to get respawn and fly back into warzone
  10. i smell lag, frame drops and crashes but thats just dayzrp +1
  11. yo wtf hahaha this would be jokes +1
  12. nice to know we win original music too
  13. Zakhar Shchyotkin the Second Zakhar Shchyotkin the Second was born to a loving mother in the pirate town of Port Royal. His father was absent, having died to unknown reasons in a far away land known as Chernarus. However, his mother installed in him his fathers core values. Therefore Zakhar II was an avid communist, and strong believer in sharing of wealth. He believes in a land where no man is owned or owes. He also is a strong supporter of the long forgotten Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. When Zakhar was a boy, he became a rough one, always involved in street fights from a young age. He became strong and very good at fighting and it was this that got him noticed by the higher-ups in the mercernary group known as PKM. He ended up joining them and accompanying them across the globe with contracts. With PKM's arrival in Nyheim, Zakhar hopes to make his name known as a mercenary and fighter.
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