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  1. Elrod was born in the United kingdom to working class parents, Irina, his Chernarussian mother, and Jon , his British father. Elrod didn'd have it easy growing up. The working class streets didn't prove easy for him, he became involved in a gang and at age 15, he was stabbed in the stomache by a rival gang member. After a harsh fight for his life in hospital Elrod pulled through, and he was forced to move to Chernarus with his parents. The did this to get him away from his old life. His family moved to Kamyshovo and it was there that Elrod got a job as a supermarket employee, stacking shelves. There were never many options on Chernarus, Elrod aimed to save enough money to get out and go to university in a different country, however on the morning of his 20th birthday the world he knew turned into a distant memory. The virus had broken out in the cities. He could here the gunfire and smell the death already. His parents were downstairs watching the news when his worst memory happened. Ivan, his best friend since he moved to Chernarus smashed down the doors, he was covered in bites and blood. Screaming for help. The family let him in and patched up his wounds. Elrod and his father got to work trying to barricade up they're house, however they didn't know that the worst danger was already inside. At first they thought Ivan was having a seizure, he was going to be ok and they just had to leave him alone. Elrod and his father went to the supermarket to get some last minute emergency supplies before the shops closed. When they returned the front door was open, Irina was lying out on the lawn covered in blood. His father rushed into the house to find out what had happened, it was then the Ivan, who was no longer Ivan, lunged at him killing him. There was no chance for Jon, Elrod saw his father and mother lying on the ground and ran. He ran as far as he could for as long as he could until he passed out from exhaustion. When he woke up in the middle of the forest he found himself in a brand new Chernarus, one that was quiet and tranquil, yet terrifyingly empty. It was in those northen lands he learned to survive by breaking into abandoned houses and living of the land. Elrod still haunts himself, questioning why he never did anything to help his father. Nowadays he can be found wondering the wilderness alone, taking jobs as a mercenary or carrier of packages for the large factions. He says he wants to be alone, but deep down he yearns for a group and place to call home.
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