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  1. Zakhar Shchyotkin Zakhar was born on the 17th of January 1989 to his ethnic russian parents Maxim Shchyotkin and Alina Shchyotkina. His family were the working class of Kirovograd, and Zakhar's father had strong Marxist-Leninist beliefs. Zakhar was your textbook child. He firmly believed in everything his father did, and Zakhar was an extremely hard worker. Zakhar lived a relatively normal working class life until 2007. ChDKZ In 2007 Zakhar's father joined the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, or ChDKZ. During the years before the war Maxim became a much more hardcore member of the Chedaki, and these ChDKZ values leaked heavily into Zakhar's mind just in time for the Civil war. Civil war When the Civil war broke out in September 2009, Maxim and Zakhar drew to arms to fight in the ChDKZ against the CDF. The war violent and bloody. When fighting took place in Kirovograd; Alina, Zakhar's mother, was brutally murdered by CDF forces that found out about Maxim's fight for the Chedaki. This furthered both Zakhar and Maxim's hatred for the CDF and current Chernarussian government. During a firefight with the CDF Maxim was mortally wounded when attempting to protect his son as he patched up a wounded comrade. Maxim did not make it through the night, and Zakhar was devastated. Zakhar would then continue to fight until the Chedaki victory in January 2010. Post-War to Present After the war Zakhar withdrew to a solitary life, preferring to keep to himself and lead a civilian life. Returning to his work. When the resurgance of the Frenzied-Flu happened in early 2020, Zakhar hoped to travel to South Zagoria to help the RAC's "Bear Company" however due to the introduction of martial law in early may 2020, his attempt was severely stalled. wipwipwipwipiwip
  2. Local Sparo Representative Moe had a great time at the hospital. Huge respect to @Dr Bradley @HDragon @YAKMOUTH @cjackson821 and all others that were present at that meeting on the roof. Shit was fucking fun as hell. Moe evolution "Chicken" Also @Eagles 2 man Hunting party 5head genius plays
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  8. moe chickin so glad to be here, ty @BeanMama time to bring chicken to gm
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