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  1. Im not quite sure what you mean, In terms of ingame, i was 2 bar talking which was good enough imo considering how close we were. Or if you mean like did i actually shout down my mic, no i didnt, cause it was 6 am.
  2. After listening to your vid, i can also hear myself initiate, its muffled under the voices but if you listen carefully you can hear it. So the voices i can hear, on yoru video are Jacobs, Fae's and myself's.
  3. No, in the video provided by jacob in the report @Hampze
  4. Im leaving it to the admins to decide, using my ears, i can hear both Fae and Jacob initiate, aswell as myself.
  5. Just a few things to point out, No one from the bar was involved. And also, you were initiated on correctly, from both our vids and your vids we can "Hands up". It sems that only on your vid we hear jacobs voice, but in the evidence provided from our side you can clearly hear us all initiate. @Hampze
  6. Here is my POV. I was in berezino witnessing chilling with Francis, Ash and a few others. A guy comes into town talking about how hes a cowboy prostitute and he shot jeffery epstein (ill skip the trollrp bit cause its all mentioned in another report). Anyways as 3 of the people i am with take the trollrp guy off in their car me and francis are the only people left in Berezino. It is at this point that it comes to our attention that PJ is there, after being told on multiple occassions to stay out of town. As im telling him that he was told to stay out of town, 2 more guys pull up armed. As there is only two of us i make the decision to pull back and wait for the return of our guys. When they do return, the guy they took in the gunter is told to stay in a house and is locked in. We then make our way up the hill, where francis is talking to a character i presume is Hampze's Daniel. We begin to surround him and he takes off running, we give chase and end up initiating on him behing a building. Bear in mind, there is 5 of us and 1 of him, his friends dont seem to be there when we initiate. He pulls his gun, trading with jacob, but ultimately getting shot by like 4 people at the same time. Thats my POV regarding the NVFL. Hope that helps, If there is any more you want me to say just let me know.
  7. I completely agree with @Trijim here. I think having lore factions spawn with kits would push for them to be more outgoing as they don't need to worry about re-gearing, because atm we just end up with factions staying at home. This was sort-of fought of with the removing of base-building, however we get situations like lopatino castle, which got prefabs and clf characters just stay inside. This leads to a lack of fighting between two factions who are supposed to be in a civil war. I also think (this is just my opinion and in no way do i not expect pushback against this), that lore factions like the RAC and CLF, should have constant KOS on each other. This is because if they are in a gritty guerilla war with eachother, then why would some terrorists choose to talk if they just want to annihilate the enemy faction. There is the arguement that this would cause damage to rp, however I think, with good communication between the two factions OOC'ly, then roleplay can still be a very viable option. Just imagine being stood in berezino outside the pub, some RAC pull up and are acting normal then all of a sudden BANG, hail of bullets from CLF who are hidden in buildings or come running down the street. There will 100% be situations where people abuse this KOS, which is why i expect pushback, however i do believe that 1, being geared on spawn if a member of a lore faction, and 2, being able to engage in suprising, ruthless combat with the opposing lore faction, would lead to more combat, making everyone else actually feel like they are stuck within the 2nd Chernarussian civil war. Thats just my thought on it. If there is one thing i would vouch for more, its the idea of LF's being geared on spawn. Cheers
  8. damn that guy in the firefighter jacket and cap on the right must be really cool... hehe
  9. such a good day today, hats off all around. also will add in the homie @Jacob Elmes
  10. hELla good rp with you boys the past few weeks, especially during that little down period. @Blackfyre @edgy Krook @Jacob Elmes @UwU Monke may it continue
  11. Mickey was born to a lower middle class family just outside of Oban, Scotland. He had a smooth upbringing and found himself a job operating glass-bottom boats in the tourism industry of Oban harbour. After being offered a job in Stonington Harbour working as a fishing boat operator, Mickey took the choice to move to Cernyelen permanantly, away from his family and friends. During the Civil war, Mickey was contracted as a temporary boat operator around Cernyelen for the CDF, he didn't necesserily consider himself as a supporter of the CDF, but he saw the contract as a opportunity to make ends meet during the war. When the war ended, the tourism industry within the island, and therefore the need for boat operator's within it; was no more. Struggling for work, Mickey took odd jobs, but never found a permanent one. When the infection within the hospital of Stonington in February 2019, Mickey began to prepare for the worst. When the people of Stonington and the rest of the region began to evacuate to refugee camps, Mickey stayed behind, after seeing what the Chedaki ahd done during his time in the war, Mickey was very cautious of the RAC. He stayed at home, boarded up his windows and stockpiled food and water. Due to the lockdown of the south of Cernyelen, resources became extremely scarce, so Mickey forced himself to get handy with a rifle he had found in an abandoned house of the South Suburbs, and learn to hunt wildlife for food. He eventually made the choice to leave Stonington and take to the woods as his source of shelter and sustenance.
  12. Elrod was born in the United kingdom to working class parents, Irina, his Chernarussian mother, and Jon , his British father. Elrod didn't have it easy growing up. The working class streets of fishponds were rough, he became involved in a gang and at age 15, he was stabbed in the stomach by a rival gang member. After a harsh fight for his life in hospital Elrod pulled through, and he was forced to move to Chernarus with his parents. The did this to get him away from his old life. His family moved to Kamyshovo and it was there that Elrod got a job as a supermarket employee, stacking shelves. There were never many options on Chernarus, Elrod aimed to save enough money to get out and go to university in a different country. Tragedy struck Elrod at the age of 20 as both of his parents caught a form of the common influenza virus that they're immune systems were just too weak to fight of, and in may 2019 on the 4th and 6th, Irina and Jon passed away. Elrod was now alone, the rest of his family were in the UK and his mothers family lived in Russia. He had next to no life skills and tried his best to learn, After a bit of a learning curve by September 2019 he was fully independant but struggling for money. He took morning shifts as a postman and night shifts as a delivery driver. University seemed like a long lost dream as after bills he only had enough to feed himself, he wasnt a particularly happy person anymore but still kept going , as what else was there to do. In an attempt to raise his morale he set himself a challenge. He wanted to know if he could survive a month, alone in the wilderness. So in January 2020 the month of his birth he ventured out into the Chernarus wilderness, to live off the land and teach himself survival skills. He learnt to hunt, grow food, build shelters and met some pretty nice hikers, these hikers told him of a new sickness that had been spreading in the cities and hospitals, he wasn't worried but it was interesting to hear but overly he didn't care, he was enjoying his challenge, enjoying it so much that he went on until halfway through february. When he returned home he found deserted streets and closed stores, the country was in lockdown and a nationwide curfew was in place, police and military soldiers patrolled the streets, Elrod returned home to find his house burgled, not for money, or technology, but for food. He had nothing to eat and the lockdown meant all shops were closed, Elrod had one option, hunt or die. With the skills he learnt on his trip he built a bow and arrow and managed to hunt deer, however hard it was, and sate his appetite for a few weeks. However, the world he knew started to spiral out of control when previously infected people who returned to kamyshovo started attacking innocents, they were no longer themselves, they were like wild animals who had been starved, Elrod knew something bad was coming, and so he started making preparations for the worst, He cleaned up his dad's old rifle and bought a Kolt pistol from his neighbour, he didn't want to be so foreward thinking but he knew he should. By early may, it seemed he had not made a mistake, martial law was introduces and the infection cases and the crazed infected people's numbers continued to skyrocket. The cities were falling apart and populated areas became more and more dangerous, He knew he had to leave, so he packed up his old backpack, grabbed his jacket and raced to get out of town. It seemed he made the right decision, the world he knew had fully fallen apart by late may, as people left quarantine camps and government led quarantine zones and ventured out into the wilderness. "No one is your friend in Chernarus" is Elrod's constant thought's. He's seen entire families massacred by government soldiers and extremists called the Chernarus Liberation Front. Elrod has lost all hope in other people, he now roams the wilderness trying to survive and make a decent living in the business of transporting packages or hired security, he tries to help those in need but prefers being away from humanity if he can help it. Weeks have passed and Elrod has been through many situations. He ventured out west to Zelenogorsk where he saw many people die to infected and to people who had lost their humanity. He struggled fighting off wolves and bears and decided that the west was not a safe place for him. When he ventured back to berezino he stayed for a few days. It was in berezino that he began to shift his views on staying around people; he found that he liked being able to talk to other humans in a relatively safe place. However after he watched the people of the Bar get kicked out, he knew Berezino would become a ghost town. So he headed north, to a little town called Olsha. It was here that he made the first strong friendships with people since leaving the UK, and it was here he grew his hatred for the CLF. On Elrod's second day in Olsha he was taken by the CLF, and since then he has fought in every engagement the people of Olsha have had with them. He has seen the way that the CLF treat the people that they are supposed to be "freeing" and sees them and none other than terrorists.
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