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  1. Would like to see some kind of air vehicle, if not choppers, then add some small planes
  2. I like to keep a survivor look but still with some camo. - Green Checked Shirt - Green Cargo Pants - Improvised Backpack
  3. APB:Reloaded, about $25 for a permanent gun and XP boost
  4. I dont remember my first time logging into a server. But I remember my first kill, which must been one of the first time I logged in. It was just east for Electro, in the steel barn. I had just spawned and found a hatchet, when I so this guy, ran in the steel barn, without anything. Scared for my life, I just ran in, putting my hatchet in his back. My heart was pumping with adrenaline and my hands was shaking, when I just stood there, watching over his body, laying on the ground dead. I will never forget my first (stone cold) kill...
  5. TheDoD

    Hipp hipp hurra!

    Drink a beer for me, and I will take two Happy Independence day from your lovely danish neighbor
  6. TheDoD

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for; banning one for having an avatar matching your Forum name whilst having an avatar matching your Forum name!
  7. TheDoD

    More UK Special Forces skins

    Yeah! that sounds sweet!