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  1. I was not given any sort of warning before they beat me. They also had taken my only gun that was any use to me, which was my glock, and they took my backpack and some other things. I was no threat to them and they just shot me in the face. They gave me a warning when I put my hands down the first time, but they didn't give me a warning the second time. I meant the second time they didn't give me a warning and they just instantly shot me in the face after the second time.
  2. Server and location: Nyheim DAYZRP and it was in RiverPoint Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 9/24/2021 10:00PM EST Your in game name: Joey Capinelli Names of allies involved: No one Name of suspect/s: VK, not sure of the name of the guy who killed me. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: They were holding up the whole own of River Point and I was rping as a disgruntled person because I had literally helped them in the past before and they were treating me and everyone else like dogshit. I asked them where they were when River Point was attacked yesterday, and about 3 of them instantly charged me and just beat me up and knocked me out without even saying anything before hand. Anyways they brought me aside and started to rob me. After they took my backpack off me and had about 3 to 4 people pointing guns at me, my characters hands went down for a split second, I might have accidentally hit a key or something, but despite that, they didn't even give me a second to react and didn't even warn me. There were about 3 or 4 of them around me with their guns out while I was in the middle by myself. They had already taken my bag off and the only weapons I had on my were a glock and a repeater, plus they were able to see I didn't have any weapons. There was no reason to just instantly shoot me without giving me a warning. I am very disappointed with this rp situation and it had to be one of the worst I have had because of how disrespectful these people were in their rp manner.
  3. Joey Capinelli was born on January 10th, 2047 in Mount Weather. Mount Weather was a government bunker where the most brightest minds in the US were taken when the virus started to become bad. Politicians, soldiers, and career specialists, such as doctors, scientists, and engineers were the whole population of the bunker. The bunker consisted of about less than half of what it's original occupancy was supposed to be, which was about 5000 people. The bunker hosted 1000 people at the start of the outbreak and they began having offspring and Joey Capinelli was one of those offspring. Joey's dad was a Mechanical Engineer and his mother was a soldier. He spent most of his time in the bunker school learning how to become a mechanical engineer or learning how to fix stuff around the bunker with his dad. In 2068, Mount Weather was attacked by one of the biggest bandit groups on the east coast of the US numbering to about 5,000 people. They blew into the bunker with explosives from nearby military bases that they had repurposed into their bandit camps. Once they broke through the bunker door it was pure chaos because there were only about 800 soldiers to protect the vault, the rest of its occupants were untrained in combat and hid. Joey's mother was on the front line and the last time he saw her was when she was running out of their room to meet with the rest of the soldiers at the bunker entrance to help defend it. Joey and his dad hid in the mechanical room where the generator was because it was the most important place to defend as a last ditch effort and also the safest. Joey and his dad took everyone they could find to the mechanical room and took as much food and water as they could find. Once they put as much food, water,and people as they could find into the mechanical room, they welded the doors shut and hoped for the best. After a few hours of shooting, it all stopped. Not sure which side won, they stayed in the mechanical room for days until they ran out of food and were forced to unweld the door. Once they opened the door, they were met by thousands of bandits and the bodies of their former defenders, including Joey's mother. Joey's dad, who was so angry to see his wife's dead body, that he killed a bandit with a one hit of a wrench. Joey's dad was immediately shot in the head and everyone else surrendered. Everyone was separated and taken to different bandit camps. After about a month, Joey started a revolt with his fellow prisoners against the bandits and managed to escape the camp which was located somewhere in Pennsylvania. After running for his life away from the bandits, he wound up lost in the woods and away from all his fellow revolutionaries. He wandered the forest until he found a house in the middle of it, looted it up, and headed north. On his travels he found loads of supplies and was so well off, he was able to repair a sailboat he had found in Rhode island, from there he sailed the northern seas to try to make it to the UK, which Joey figured was his best chance because the US had been allies with the UK forever and anywhere was better as long as it was away from the bandits that attacked his bunker. Joey sailed too far north and missed the UK and instead passed Iceland. He crashed his boat into a glacier during the night and was forced to resort to his lifeboat. He was on his lifeboat for 2 weeks and the only reason he even survived was because made a fishing rod out of pieces of string from his clothes and a piece of wood from the lifeboat. He made fishing hooks from the bones of the fish he caught, and if he hadn't brought his hunting knife with him on the lifeboat, he might have been as good as dead. Joey washed up on the coast of Norway and is now looking for food and water after being a castaway at sea for 2 weeks.
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