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  1. Oh, sounds like someone has to do a lot of paper work...
  2. I'm having a private conversation with someone and suddenly it says my 'message could not be sent, because x has reached their private message quota'. What is this please ?
  3. Risen Paul

    DayZRP mod death is imminent !?

    It's amazing how many people still want to keep the mod. If you really care for it, you should try to play it for as often as possible, even if only for like half an hour or so each day. I think the current 'death' of it has something to do with players seeing an empty server. They might check on the player numbers from time to time, but aren't tempted to join a session of 0 to 10 survivors. Now if we would have for example around 30 playing people, the situation might look different and the server would be sooner full again than we would have expected it to be. Therefore we should try to reach a stabile, higher number of survivors and maybe things will sort themself out soon enough. With nearly 12000 accounts registered here at the moment, it shouldn't be that difficult to fill up a 60-slots server?
  4. Risen Paul

    DayZRP mod End of Life

    Would be great if we could revive it somehow. For today I've pretty much been the only survivor in it, except for like one or two other people. One thing I've seen though: From time to time players tried to connect who weren't whitelisted. So I have this idea: Why don't you simplify the whitelisting for the mod a bit, or even remove it? Instead of the current process you could make community-members read the rules when they register in the forums, but without writing everything down anymore. Instead let them play the mod and if it turns out that they don't pay attention to the rules, ban them without further discussion. I know this would be a drastic change and you have to think about the reputation of DayZRP and all, but maybe my idea would be worth a discussion? In the end the server will probably be up and empty for the whole next week until the switch to Namalsk. In my opinion it would be better to play with 'someone' than with 'no one' and a lot of veteran members said they would still play the mod if there were a player base for it.
  5. Thanks for sorting this out anyway!
  6. Risen Paul

    DayZRP mod End of Life

    Since the switch to Steam I wouldn't be able to find the installation path anyway, the decision is not up to me, Steam does whatever it does :troll:.
  7. Risen Paul

    DayZRP mod death is imminent !?

    In my opinion everything that keeps the community alive is good enough. I never knew ArmA other than to be a work in progress, so I would definitely support your idea. What exactly comes out of it would probably sort itself out in the making. I mean, the alternative to a project like this is what? Exclude all players who don't have the StandAlone ? Oh and it looks like my guess with the aliens isn't too odd when you made it work with dinosaurs :troll:.
  8. Risen Paul

    DayZRP mod death is imminent !?

    I think it has been discussed before and isn't possible at the moment, but who knows what the mod-development will bring. Maybe we will be fighting aliens in ArmA 3 soon .
  9. Risen Paul

    DayZRP mod death is imminent !?

    I still hope the community will also be able to realize a project for ArmA 3.
  10. Risen Paul

    DayZRP mod death is imminent !?

    Unlocked aircraft aren't enough for you ?
  11. I'm not a weapon expert or something, but we've had the other thread about OC14 mags where detailed theories opposed one another. So if we think for too long about 45 rounds we might be surprised what actually is possible . Regarding the bug report I tend to see it as a butterfly effect. Maybe there is or will be a major revision of the mod going on and someone would be happy about every report, that's why I'm asking.
  12. Since there still seem to be some discrepancies with the weapon and ammo-descriptions in the mod, I thought I could as well ask here, before I write a bug report: Is there anything I need to do so I can load the RPK 45rnd into an AKS-74U, or is it a false information for the ammo? I guess said wrong descriptions aren't worth a bug report anymore?
  13. Oh, ok. So far I haven't paid too much attention to the StandAlone, but material like this awakes my interest. I hope you can stay creative !
  14. Is this really for the mod? In any case it's an intense combination of photography and diary. I like the writing concept, it sounds authentic.
  15. Risen Paul

    Ideas to increase player base

    In case you wonder about my history: DayZ was the reason why I've bought ArmA 2 in the first place. I realized soon enough that the daily routine of the mod had little to do with the commercials for it. Everytime I've played I did meet more hackers than survivors or zombies. Eventually I've passed the application for an ArmA 2 life-mod and became addicted to it for like 1 and a 1/2 years . Just before I've been able to make it into the list of the richest players, the admins deemed it a good idea to do a complete server-WIPE. It was a punch in the guts, but in this moment I found out about DayZRP by accident. Some of the youtube-videos gave me a whole new idea about role play, as for the first time I saw plausible examples for how you could play without being focused on your gear and still have a lot of fun. With that said, I hope the community will maintain its class, no matter what the future brings.