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  1. Time Period

    Thank you
  2. Time Period

    What time period does dayzrp take place in?
  3. Ban Appeal

    Ok if it ok with you I want "LordRPMuffin" then and just so you know "RP" does stand for roleplay. so if it ok I want that name.
  4. Ban Appeal

    Well I understand about the "fuk" part but the "muffin" is a little crazy, I even forgot that it was slang I just put in mind that it was a pastry. But if I got to change I will because I really want to someday play dayzrp . . . so I would like my name changed to "LordRPCupcake" unless that banable as well.
  5. Ban Appeal

    So did I get banned for muffin or fuk?
  6. Ban Appeal

    I was banned for inappropriate name, "fuk" is short for Fukuoka, Japan. Its not inappropriate.