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    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need a GUID reset, I formatted my PC and for some reason I can not join the servers due to a message popping out "You are not whitelisted" despite the forums saying I am. //Terra: Follow the instructions in this thread to update your account.
  2. Once SA gets patched up correctly it will be fine, but for now the mod all the way
  3. Hi my name is Notogoto(in game Garry Russo), I'm from Argentina, im 20 years old. I'm interested in palying DayZ with people that care about roleplaying and not straight shoot in sight. I'm currently in an ArmA 3 realism unit so I have some kinda of experience. I can't wait until the donor only white-list is removed to play with you guys. Really appreciate if you have the time to read through. Thanks.