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  1. I crashed landed! everything is so blurred out, i.... ican´t remember what happened?.... i see small glimps... I remember.. my name, it´s.. Alex Mercer. I was a Staff sergent! where is my squad?.. i see a bright burning flame in the distant, once i have gather myself together i will head over there... I hear wierd noises in the forrest around me, i feel stalked... alright, i feel better now, my memory is somewhat coming back to me, i remember being sent here by the army, but what army? i head towards the glimming light in the darkness, as i get closer i start noticing that its a fire, it resembles a heli crash... Ohhhhh god!!!! I notice sgt. Casper on the ground with heavy burns and blood around him!! He is barely alive!! he tries to tell me something! sgt. Casper whispers in my ear with his dying breath! The squad was wiping out by these Things, these human like Things, they attacked out of no where, trying to bite us as we regrouped. sgt. Casper!!!! He leave this wreached land! Mission log: Teamleader ssgt Alex Mercer, my squad have been wiped out. need to find shelter and supplies, requesting evac asap! HQ contact me on frequence 025 075! i will be listening everyday on the radio! I will leave this wreck, not much juice in this radio transmitter! This is ssgt. Alex Mercer Signing out!