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  1. Chris Higgins was born and raised in Ireland and spent almost all of his years in the city of his birth in Waterford. Chris' Mother, Daria, origally came from Chernarus alongside the rest of her family. When she left for Europe in her early twenties in search for more, she met Michael, Chris' father, while backpacking through midland europe. They soon fell in love and moved back to Ireland after they completed their travels and shortly after had Chris, their only child. Daria stayed close with her family and frequently visted home with the whole family. Chris usually attended when he could and often spent most the majority of his Summers with his family in Chernarus. He did not have the chance to revisit during his early twenties due to college and work but once he graduated and had the chance, he took some time off from work to go back on a family trip. The outbreak struck one month into their trip which was planned for only three months. Chris lost his family during an emergency evacuation and still does not know who may or may not be alive. He has adjusted to the new way of life and searches for areas that are as fruitful for loot and supplies as possible.
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