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  1. I got a mention. I feel special.
  2. But...but...Prud is my home prud is love prud is life (I'm kidding)
  3. A genuinely refreshing read. I'm slightly fed up with the whole 'I was ex-special forces and killed 100 people but I was too good and was kicked out so now I'm a merc' or the like.
  4. Just wanted to post to say Hi. I'm Sos, I've been Role-Playing with other players since about 2009 (Started In Halo Custom Edition) and eventually formed an RP community of about 70 people in 2010 (In the active days of the Halo RP community), and have always found it a fun and different experience. I've been playing DayZ since August 2012, and have never really played on a 'real' DayZ role-playing server. So I can't wait to try this one. I won't be on the server for awhile, as I cannot yet apply for white-list, but I can't wait to see you all on the servers. Thanks for reading