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  1. First Name: Jan Last Name: Zaporowski Age: 21 Timezone: GMT + 1 Desired Position(see position options below and name the top three in order from greatest to least desirability): 1) VDV Motor Rifleman 2) VDV RTO 3) Motor Rifleman Have you ever played ArmA 2 realism: no How long have you owned ArmA 2: not long, ArmA started for me with third instalment Why do you wish to join the 2ndMRD: Was looking to join ArmA mili community for some time but didnt join one yet. I want to stick with DayZRP community as much as I can so adding both makes me wanna join 2ndMRD. Are you a capable mission maker: no Are you a capable mod developer: no
  2. Shima

    Eurovision Thread

    For me this year's Eurovision was just to much, didn't watch it for last years and after this one I don't think that I am goin to watch it ever again. Maybe if there would be more quality songs like the one from Holand then maybe the whole "show" could be something in my eyes. Maybe that would make it more of song vs song contest not just "Hey there are 137 ballads, I guess we have to pick by flag and by lenght of hair ... all around the body". Now its just a cheap thingy. There is one thing I rly like about Eurovision though, Polish comentator is perfect.
  3. Thank You for welcomes. I like my new colour :3, its time to roll with applications.
  4. Shima

    Would you play this?

    wooo, looks nice, depends on $ for me but not counting mooneys I would play it 100%. Was hoping for a survival in other enviromments, without AK47.
  5. 23, male, Poland but my spirit is mirrored in avatar!
  6. Hello to everybody, as You can see im new here so I hope to get along at forum and have some nice heated exchanges in Chernorus ;]. After playing PBF's for more then 2 years I wanted something more, something more imersing and lets say ... colorful. That's why I have been looking for RP community for some time and im extremely happy to find such a organised and well established one ... from first impression at least. Hopefully will get a chance to play with You in upcoming weeks ;].