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  1. Mavericks upbringing was Feral to say the least, Average childhood being brought up Beaten, Neglected, Abused, and Abandoned really. From the beginning Maverick was very confused growing up, seeing his dad at a young age packing drugs, gear and money, he knew everyone was crooked. His mother was always high, thieving from shops and using him as a mule to shoplift and take things, eventually maverick got caught and was taken home by an undercover store policeman where they told his father that if he was caught again that they would phone the police and take him to jail. Maverick was punished gruesomley for this, taken to the gas stove as his father held his hand over the flame, beating him with the belt, knocking him to the ground. This was at age 11 when Maverick lost love for the people he thought he cared for most and turned him into someone with a real deep hatred for anything and everybody he encountered.
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