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  1. Thank you! Changes have been made
  2. *This is for Roleplay purposes to build a background story for my character in DayZRP and maybe bring other people in. I hope to bring more content and hopefully be whitelisted soon* Entry #1 Where am I? Who am I? These questions have been running through my head all day. I mean waking up on shore with no memory and a book in my pocket and some chump change, I guess then those questions would be normal to be asking yourself. I found a few supplies in a near by abandoned house a ripped map, water, and an old newspaper talking about an outbreak that was spreading fast and that i'm in a place called Chenarus in Russia. The rest of the town was abandoned so whatever this "outbreak" was, did spread fast! I headed for the woods with the road insight so i wouldn't get lost but then I came across some people or what I thought were people. I studied them for awhile to see what they would do, they just roamed around moaning. I avoided the town due to the large amount of infected? I headed to what seemed north further into Chenarus looking for answers... Hopefully someone knows who I am, I hope. For now i'm held up in this shack and its getting cold. I need to get some sleep its going to be a long walk tomorrow.
  3. Yes I have been watching a LP on DayZRP and Im hooked! Ive been wanting to play but the Whitelist is down:(... I hope someone responds with information on the subject!