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  1. Why the verdict is not fair: I had no chance to explain the situation. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My friend is building a pc and wanted to check out dayzrp so I let him use my pc to make an account. He did not apply for whitelist or play dayzrp at all. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Become un-banned. What could you have done better?: Asked a staff member before hand.
  2. I agree with Jamie, the old system was way more difficult. I think needing the battery and glow plugs helps prevent any average Joe from hopping in a truck and stocking up on supplies.
  3. TheRickster

    Robbed by a man holding a banana?

    I think this is a brilliant idea to be honest. Like you said, getting robbed the same way over and over gets extremely boring rather quickly. I love the thought of "crazy" characters and this is definitely a crazy idea.
  4. Thanks for all the hours of work you guys put in, you will be missed.
  5. TheRickster

    Hive Wipe Incoming 0.58

    I'm glad I don't have much good loot then.
  6. Trucks are intimidating because there's usually at least 2 or 3 people in them. I've never seen one with less.
  7. I honestly don't mind bandits if they rp well. It can be pretty fun sometimes.
  8. TheRickster

    What junk do you pick up?

    I always have handcuff keys on me just in case.
  9. Wow this is an amazingly detailed tutorial, I can't wait to try this out.
  10. TheRickster

    How many of you roleplay as yourself?

    In the beginning I played as myself but I felt I wasn't getting/giving the RP I could.
  11. Helicopters, motor bikes, cars etc. I'd love to see attack helicopters.
  12. Ladders and falling in general have killed me more than anything. My very first life ever in DayZ SA happened when I punched a tree a few times, got the "my leg is broken" message followed by "you are dead"
  13. My favorite town is Novo because it's so big.