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  1. franku

    Hey there

    Cheers! Yeah, that's the answer I expected haha - thanks for the advice!
  2. franku

    Hey there

    Hiya, new whitelist, looking forward to meeting you guys on the server. Any tips as to what the major RP-hubs are? So far Berezino has seemed to be popular through forum posts. Been mainly confined to south/southwest of the map and have met one (1) person so far when the server's at 50+ haha. Guess half of the appeal is finding things out on your own, but also can't really RP if I don't meet anyone Cheers
  3. Jon Lawrence has lived a privileged life. He was born and raised in London, England, into a wealthy family. His father was a professor in English literature at University College, London, before his premature death in 2009 after an automobile accident. His mother is an investment banker in the City, who took minimal involvement in Jon's upbringing. Deeply affected by his father's death, Jon became increasingly engaged in academia, often at the cost of sacrificing excellence in other areas. He attended the prestigious Westminster School, where he received preparation for University. Gregarious and confident, Jon is somewhat of a socialite, though is prone to mood swings. He successfully applied for and received an undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, studying linguistics, particularly Spanish and Russian. During his education, he competed regularly in athletic competitions, becoming part of the Varsity squad at university, and was a member of the rifle shooting society. As part of a post-graduate course, he became particularly engaged with Russian politics and wrote a PhD on communication patterns between Chernarus and the wider Russosphere. Shortly after completing his higher education, he was recruited by the BBC after a strenuous interview process as a translator stationed in Chernarus.
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