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  1. The past hasn't been kind. His body bears the scars of one who has endured the wilds for many years, one that has not seen comfort in just as long. In his mind, his survival could only be explained by her will. Humanity turned their back on her and this infection is the result. Nature is where he can hear her most clearly, on the wind, in the trees. Her voice beckons him into these new lands. For what, he is unsure. She didn't always speak to him. Before his rebirth he was just like the rest of them, ignorant children, blind to their true purpose. Like them, he did what he could to rebuild, holding hope that one day there would be a return to "the way things used to be." Then, in the middle of the night, everything changed. Robbed, beaten, and left for dead, she took him from the grave and blessed him with purpose. Emerging from the shallow grave his attackers left him in he disappeared into the woods, answering her call. Now, he emerges, to speak her words, to be her voice.
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