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  1. I actually was wondering the same thing! I had a fresh-spawn literally spawn in the same town as me, from there I went in circles and ended up at the airfield... saw/heard at least 3-4 other players, but the one that I tried to engage in RP just unloaded a mag into the air so I stayed hidden... I'm always hearing gunfire, but never actually seeing anyone! Makes me think I'm in some war torn Russian province or something ... I'm still trying to figure out what's going on IC, but the locals seem to all act like animals and attack me. Seems airfield is busiest place I've found so far but all seem to be bandits... I walk a lonely road... The only one that I have ever known... Don't know where it goes... But it's home to me and I walk alone...
  2. Worked like a charm, perfect thanks!!!
  3. Guess browsing around... I think my whitelist approval might be backed up/frozen based on broken lore. That coupled with a with broken discord link maybe there's messages I don't know about? LOL ... After many many hours of research I was convinced Takistan and Chernorus was located in the Caspian Sea region and wrote the extensive story to match up with IRL locations and make an in depth believable story. Then by accident I stumbled across a map here on this site I've never seen before - it shows Takistan and Chernorus being in the Black Sea region on a fictitious peninsula. I'm going to assume I need to delete and recreate my character and story before I can get white list approved? Since the lack of external resources limits ability to incorporate DayZ world into the real world as we try to blend them together for our stories. Perhaps I should have kept it more simple. I wonder if I can re-do and resubmit whitelist? Or how that works... or just re-write my whole characters back story etc. But I feel like it's worth mentioning for noobs like me who are trying to create believable stories in "how we ended up in Chernorus" ... and it's pretty well hidden where Chernorus actually is. Map I used for story creation, showing Takistan/Chernorus in Caspian Sea ( INCORRECT MAP LORE ) ***ACTUAL LOCATION BASED ON DAYRP SHOWS LOCATIONS TAKE PLACE IN BLACK SEA *GREEN SEA* not Caspian Sea:
  4. Hello all! Bought DayZ specifically to join the RP scene, looks like a breath of fresh air to aimless running around killing! *nervously bites nails while repeatedly refreshing the whitelist page* ... I tried making an extensive character so that I can have a diverse role-play and try to solidify the lore by being completely oblivious to where I am. Think it will help to find what style works best here, and the point is to stay out of trouble (and Russian soldiers) or should I fear the CLF more? I guess we'll find out the hard way! I am curious while I wait - there's a character section to put "load out/gear" - do you not spawn on the coast with just the clothes on your back? Also to make sure I don't screw up any RP - does everyone just role-play speaking other languages? or can we expect to hear diversity in the dialects? Don't want to misconstrue if I try other languages and someone is just RPing it. But would be interesting to try and talk myself out of a bad situation in Russian or something when I only know a few words. Anyway, glad to be here and look forward to meeting and playing with you guys & gals! Cheers!
  5. Hello all! I guess when I started looking into the server I had joined with an old discord. For irrelevant reasons I deleted that old discord, but guess it takes 2 weeks? Not sure if that countdown is still going. Since that time I bought DayZ for the first time specifically with the interest of playing here and am waiting *fingers crossed* for whitelisting. Just now tried to link my active discord and am getting the below error. Not sure if more experienced people might know if this will fix itself over the next week or so or if something needs to be done to fix it. There doesn't seem to be an invite address, the connection with the profile to discord seems to be automatic. (error received below is received when signing in with my current Discord account) Appreciate any help/tips! thanks!!!
  6. Warriors are not trained, they are born, then molded by the battlefield. --- Marko Kartoška We begin at the end, A Full Circle: Awoken by the bitter cold of the morning breeze, he looks around to see only fog everywhere he turns his head. His empty stomach sinks to his gut, as he still sees only water in each direction. It's been two days now; weakness and despair outweigh any glimpse of hope. But survivors aren't known for giving up. As he lays back in the small life boat and gazes at the shrouded sky... he hears the rustling of trees, and the distant squawks of seagulls... "Land!" One final push to paddle, and hope is restored. Unbeknownst to him are the dangers that lie ahead, the turmoil, disease, and famine. After his parents escaped the Soviet Occupation in the 1980's, fate has brought him right back. Only he doesn't know it yet. The Russians are too close! Roots: In the midst of American bombs and German gunfire, war torn Prague mid 1940’s, was born a mysterious man. His youth was met with the invasion of Soviets in the 1950’s, and his life a story of death and oppression. Unlike his fellow Czechs he outdrank everyone, outfought everyone, and in the Soviet army, outshot everyone whether using a pistol, rifle, or firing a tank, dubbing him the nickname “Rusky Kozak”. (Russian Cossack). 1980’s – Yugoslavia – Receiving permission to vacation on the Adriatic Sea, was only the beginning. “The Russians are too close!” was his belief, as he and his wife crossed the Alps into Austria, refugee camp to refugee camp. Birthing a son along the way, they travelled as far as they could – the southwestern United States. Where did I come from? Where do I go? Growing up in the American Ghetto’s in the 1990’s left the young boy feeling out of place. His parents caused him to feel further alienated by sending him back “home” to Czechia to be with extended family every year. Starting the life of crime at age 5, stealing candy might seem innocent, but being adopted by gangsters and learning to shoot guns was not. The stakes only got higher as he got older, the underworld was the only world that he knew, and “home” (Czechia), was only a fantasy land as eventually there wasn’t enough money to keep going back and forth. Taking what is needed, not just what is wanted: At 17 years old he finally was old enough to join the army and get away from it all and start a new life, make a living without living the life of crime. To his dismay, the army life was just the same: gangs, drugs, crime, and poverty. But he always outdrank, outfought, and outshot anyone who tried to compete with him. His pride kept him going, the memory of his father, hoping his father was proud looking down at him as he struggled with self-identity and his constant insecurities. When going to war, he realized he was representing everything his parents taught him to despise. He was on the other side of the invading army, and he was left morally conflicted. Working directly for the CIA led him to see things that he would never forget, and never want to be a part of. Sustaining multiple injuries was his saving grace, and eventually led to him being discharged from the army. At that point he didn’t want to be there any longer anyway. Death is always just a new beginning: After leaving the army in the mid 2000’s, and trying to finish school, he ended up unexpectedly starting a family of his own. The first time he experienced love and affection was the birth of his first child. Doing his duty, he got married, and found a job that led to a long career. Years later, his wife left him taking the kids across the country, saying she left him because he “drank too much”, but she never supported him. The reality was he was overworked trying to provide for his family, and he never actually loved her. The only thing keeping him from going back to Czechia was his 3 half Czech/half American sons. After the virus pandemic hit the United States, May 2019, many people perished… Now, the only thing left to keep him from going “home”, was the martial law. In fear of the government, and now the raging riots and protests in the United States, he had nothing more to lose by leaving, and nothing more to gain by staying. Exodus or immigration? In August 2019, as the weather in the Southwestern United States cooled, so did the tensions and turmoil. This was the perfect time to escape. His experience in the underworld and alienation in the US led to him having connections in Central and South America. Crossing the Sonoran Desert was easier going south than for those trying to go north. His goal was to link up with the cartels and factions smuggling cocaine into Europe and catch a boat going to the European mainland on the Mediterranean coast. After hitchhiking for about 2 weeks, he met his arranged contact at a military compound in Nicaragua. Only his journey was hindered by local lockdowns from the virus and political unrest. With the lack of money, and to gain the trust of his hosts, he offered his services to fight the local government, and to fight rival cartels threatening their coca operations. He was always a good fighter, and he quickly started building a reputation in Nicaragua as “El Chele” (the pale one). After almost 2 months of fighting, he was finally sent to Venezuela by his hosts where they promised him a boat ticket to Europe, and he could finally continue his journey “home”. Out of the frying pan, into the fire: October 2019, Venezuela. The political situation there was just the same as the rest of the world: in shambles with civil unrest and fighting. With borders in Europe still closed, smuggling was on hold. There was no option except to fight, to ensure when the borders open, he still had a ticket home. Word of “El Chele” in Venezuela soon got out, and that caught the attention of the very people he was trying to elude, “la Cia” (CIA). By early 2020 when the virus was at an all time low and borders were reopening for travel and commerce, that’s when the Americans made contact. Of course they had been supplying the rebels, that explained the uniforms and M16’s! That’s when his rap sheet with the FBI was brought to light, and if he wanted to continue his journey, and not get sent back to the states to serve time for “terrorism” for his affiliations in Central and South America --- he had to work for them. When the time came, he would take his “precious boat to Europe”, and then a CIA contact would meet him for a detour in his original plans. Another Circle: May 2020 – As the ship leaves Venezuela, so does the life he once knew. After reaching Europe will be just one more task, one more mission, and he can finally find home and find what family he might have left in Czechia. His mission, assigned by his new handlers, leads him to Takistan. Ever since 2012 when the CIA covertly obtained power, the FSB - (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation), and Republican Militia, have fought to try and take back control from the influence of the United States and Alliance forces. Because Marko Kartoshka was Slavic, and in his army service learned Arabic, he was the perfect candidate to slip past Russian spies and build rapport with the local Royalist Tribes. His job would be to chaperon the illegal CIA chartered vessels smuggling crude oil through the Kuma–Manych Canal into the Azov Sea, then onto Turkey where the oil could be controlled by the US and Alliance forces. He left the army to get out of the middle east, and away from the CIA, and here he was going right back. So close, but yet so far: Early June 2020 – Just off the coast of Albania, Adriatic Sea, middle of the night– A series of strobe lights flashes from the black horizon, signaling the merchant vessel carrying cocoa and coffee to drop the merchandise not on the manifest, before it gets to port further up the coast. That includes the unlisted passenger, who is lowered in a small row boat into the dark water. As the large ship fades into the dark, the peaceful sound of lapping waves is broken by the buzzing sound of motorboat engines. As he sets foot onto land, finally arriving in Europe, he looks north with anguish. Straight north, in his parents footsteps is where he was born, and where “home” is waiting for him, just a little further north… His nostalgia is interrupted, as the rising sun silhouettes the plane on the airfield. He’d received his directives on the drive there, and the docket with all the professionally made ID’s and manifest documents he’ll need on the next part of the mission. “We are always watching you, don’t fuck this up or you know where you’ll end up. You work for us now”. ---pinche la cia… [Fucking CIA] Freedom isn’t Free: Within a few days, after stopping in Turkey for fuel, the small propeller plane lands on the desolate airstrip in the mountains of Takistan. Such a barren place. Even though the CIA still maintains influence there, the remote mountains are where fighting still happens between the US backed Takistan government, and the Russian backed rebel forces. The CIA handlers take “El Chele” to the loaded boat, ready with crew to set sail west. Now he’s just Marko Kartoshka, being puppeted by the CIA like everyone else they get their claws into. The Kuma–Manych Canal traverses from the Green Sea, across Russian controlled territories until it reaches the Azov Sea. In all his experiences, in crime and combat, he’s never had a “bad feeling” like he has about this one. He won’t forget the smug look of his handlers, as they watch him sail off down the canal, into danger and uncertainty. “See you on the other side” is all they said. Heading through the narrow canal, Kartoshka realizes how futile and insane this task is. He realizes they have never done this before, and if this mission is successful, they will only have him do it over and over again. Not so clever? Mid-June 2020 – As the vessel approaches Russian territory, it’s clear why they picked him and had all these fake papers drawn up. But thinking they could pass him as a Russian was stupid, they failed to realize that was the one language he didn’t speak, and that the Russians might not speak Arabic. --- At dusk the ship approaches the control point, his Czech wasn’t enough to get by, and it was the English that raised suspicion. The manifest and cover otherwise seemed solid. He understood exactly what was happening when in Russian they said, “My zaderzhim vash korabl' zdes', my dolzhny vyzvat' komandu” … Shit, who are they calling? --- Sirens triggered, blinding spotlights light up the boat as men with AK’s board the ship and start shouting and throwing every one of the ship’s crew to the ground. In all his years he’s never been in this position. Sitting in handcuffs in an interrogation room. He’s never been caught, but then again, he always did things for himself before, his own way. Where the story ends, only another begins: He has no loyalty for his handlers, after all they were really his captors. Failure meant death, and the only way out now was to gain sympathy from the Russians. “Trust the fucking Russians, heh… only option I’ve got”… For cooperating, Kartoshka is spared a beating. But he doesn’t have enough information to earn himself a get out of jail free card. Instead he just earned a one-way ticket to Moscow, to face trial for espionage. That’s how he ended up back on the boat. This time heading east, back to the Green Sea. There they will travel to the closest Russian port bordering the Chernarus region. The crude oil will be transported to the Saratov Oil Refinery so it can supply the mechanized troops taking part of the local conflicts in the area. “Wonder if I’ll make it to Moscow, or just end up in one of the gulags”… the future is grim, but he’s always survived, by continuing to fight. In the days spent in the dark hull of the ship, he wonders if he will live to fight another day, or if this actually the end. His new captors must not have felt him to be a threat, they released him from the storage closet serving as a makeshift cell, and allowed him to the surface to roam the deck. No one was looking at him, but he could feel all the guards watching him. That sea breeze, the sun on his face, he hadn’t felt such bliss in a long time from such simple things. Looking around the horizon in each direction he could see why they let him out, only water as far as one can see. There’s no escaping here… as he turns back, he notices the life boats tied in the back of the ship. “Kartoshka otpusk zakonchilsya, vozvrashchaysya vnutr”… [vacation is over, get back inside] …
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