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  1. Owen Danksha grew up in a medium sized town to a middle class family. He went to school like everyone else. He went through school and college with the prospects of becoming an engineer based around electrical circuitry. He then got a job as an electrical engineer for a company called Evolvinc. While at the same time taking a part time job working for the AAH (Action Ageist Hunger) as a electrician helping them out with their electrical problems. When he watched the news and began hearing about the reconstruction efforts post-civil war happening in Chernarus he decided to go and try to do something about it. Inspired by his father time in the Peace Corps. He decided to go talk with his regional director of the AAH about being sent with one of the expedition groups to Chernarus. So he ended up getting denied due to him only having one year of experience and they needed people with more than 2 years of experience to go on this expedition. Not taking no for an answer he decided to take a plane to one of Chernarus's neighboring countries and then got into the country via a tourist visa when tourist season opened up for the country. When he got into the country he started to help with the relief efforts in the country.
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