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  1. I am from Lithuania(we speak our own language lithuanian) and my natural accent when i speak english is very similar to russian one, best advice i think would be knowing russian alphabet spelling. Thats why even if my language is very different from russian one we spell our letters in same manner that makes our accent come up. And main advice would be dont push it too much, its so sad when i hear people trying too hard, it makes you more russian like if you keep it to minimum(more natural). Edit: dont keep saying "friend" or "comrade" over and over for especially people you dont know yet good enough. Use "good day/morning/evening" "have a nice day". Also huge advice would know some russian bad words and how they are correctly spelled for example "sooka/blet" russians tend to add those words in most sentences more than word "friend or comrade" also word like "karoche" means "in shorter term saying/in other words" this word is very common when you try to speak to someone. Example: You are explaining someone something or saying to lay down or something and then when he ignores you or somewhat say "karoche you lay down or my foot will enter your anus" Its ofcourse optional do whatever floats your boat. Good luck
  2. Lol yeah thats nice Thanks again Good NOW READ THE RULES FOOL !!!!!! :troll:
  3. These things dont fade away so easily Btw I've edited my original post tell me if you like Lol yeah thats nice Thanks again
  4. These things dont fade away so easily
  5. Thanks, but your response feels like copy pasterino . You missed my point that i already read it and i was already playing here(which means i was already approved). But thanks
  6. Yo, everyone. I am also kind of new one here, posted my application earlier today, read the rules and other stuff dont worry. I already played here before but were deleted for inactivity (sad panda) like one year passed i think. So yeah waiting.. I am aiming for a lone survivor role firstly as before, later we will see where the game brings me into. I am from Lithuania 25 years old same as my character just my character is 1 year older. So yeah.. Keep it RP