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  1. Jacques


    I honestly don’t get why we are taught to treat the dead better than we treat the living. Not saying someone’s death gives you the right to be disrespectful about them. But, I genuinely do NOT understand what makes someone so special after death. Nor does someone’s death give you any excuse to ignore the wrong that individual has done.


    I honestly feel that with this mentality our society has come to possess, that if the second World War had occurred during this time, that Hitler would have been mourned for and even provoked some form of suicide awareness campaign. Call my example extreme all you want, but that’s truly how absurd it seems to me. And I mean, view it from this perspective - who’s to say these people who have committed more “minor” crimes, wouldn’t go forth and do so on a more international scale if they were given such power?


    It baffles me that we now live in a society where we’re all about respecting everyone no matter who they are. (Unless they don’t do the same, of course…!) - How I cannot call an abusive criminal of a man ‘scum’ simply because he’s dead, is just...utterly beyond me. Why do we have to try and find the good in someone? I should never have to find it. If I do, that to me...is a person we can do without. To me, certain negatives...should NEVER override positives.


    This whole ordeal with XXX, really displays to me, how backwards things have become.


    Might as well just mindlessly insult the living, blindly respect the dead and pretend to acknowledge that ‘everyone has a good heart’...


    Quick disclaimer though...I’m not accusing anyone of anything, nor is this passive-aggression towards anyone in particular. I’m just venting my frustration at the situation and what it’s highlighted to me. I appreciate not everyone is this irrational. I purposefully did not post this on the thread, because I feel that is not the place to be discussing it.

    1. Chewy


      Kinda makes you think.

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      wish it was 6ix9ine tbh x was the man

    3. groovy tonyRP

      groovy tonyRP

      he was a fuckin scumbag but theres a time and a place and the day after he died is not the time my friend

    4. Levy


      Sounds like the perfect time and place. He's dead... It's not going to hurt his feelings now.

    5. Shane Is Dead
    6. Jacques


      To be fair, I don't see it as any different as if he was to dead for a century or a couple minutes. Doesn't change who that person was. If anything, now is a better time to talk about it because it's a relevant subject.

    7. Kain


      The thing is, X really tried to change himself in the past year and he was never convicted or found guilty in court. I'm a firm believer of innocent until proven guilty and I'll give the man his right, even if he is dead. He start doing charity, tried to reach out to people and his music definitely turned into more emotion and passion from him. He had a troubled past and a shitty reputation, but we can't ignore the fact that he was trying to do some good and has reached millions with his music. 

    8. Shane Is Dead
    9. Jacques


      I'll give you that. And admittedly, I hardly know anything apart from what I've briefly seen/read about him. I'm not going to look into the little details about each case, as quite frankly - I don't care enough. My wall o' text was more about the mentality in general, rather than X specifically. This situation just happened to highlight our wider circumstances to me. Then again, I doubt the accusations made towards him were completely baseless, nor do I believe we can just shrug off someone's history because they've done good things now.

      You can could save hundreds of lives after taking a mere one, and I still would not trust or respect such a person. (I can already see people trying to pick holes in the way I worded that, but you know exactly how I mean it).

      That we insist on forgiving people no matter what, and try to find the good in everyone. That to me, is just gross. It's completely beyond me how anyone can think like that. It just seems naive to try and accept everyone for who they are.

  2. Jacques


    No, you really shouldn't be here. Nor should you be the default TS channel 🤔

    1. Harvey


      I wonder who put it there...   🤔

    2. Spartan


      Time to demote Harvey

  3. Jacques

    Birthday / Anniversary / Promotion / Donor / 1000th post thread

    Hit my fourth year here yesterday, it seems... Woop-woop.
  4. Jacques

    SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Lakes, Streams & the Sea

    I do agree there shouldn't be editing (though we've been saying that ever since we started this contest in 2015). But hey, as we are editing this contest, I'm sure a screenshot where I had SweetFx on should be fine. Plus, this is an old af screenshot...so, I hope that's all right still?
  5. Jacques

    Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    Okay, I see what you mean now. Sorry for misinterpreting it slightly. But I do understand where you're coming from now, and can completely empathise with your situation. Unfortunately, as much as mental health awareness is improving as of lately...there's still certain aspects of it people don't take seriously or simply do not fully understand. Autism, ADHD etc. are some of those things I feel. If you say to anyone, you suffer from chronic depression or anxiety - they'll know exactly what you mean. However, mention autism or the likes...and people tend to just shrug it off as a learning difficulty. A lot of people don't appreciate the struggles that come with it, alongside the many gritty details. So, honestly...it's an odd one. There's two ways I feel there are to tackling this issue: 1. Take the time to attempt to inform those who do not fully understand your situation, hoping they'll understand. I know it might seem weird...but it does help. And well, if the person's not prepared to listen - are they really worthy of your friendship? 2. Try to see the humour in the situation. I'm a firm believer that humour is one of humanity's best coping mechanisms. I do appreciate it's not for everyone, but I feel like this is one of those things we need to adapt to laugh at. As well, a lot of people really don't and simply never will, understand or appreciate what you're going through. So, if they make a mockery of it - rather than dwelling on it, find amusement in it also. As I can assure you, most people aren't doing it maliciously. I personally use a combination of them both. Adapting to the person/situation accordingly. I know it's not as simple as we'd all love it to be, but personally - I feel like that's what it is. Right now at least. I hope this helps.
  6. Jacques

    Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    Ah okay, that makes sense. And honestly, I can't sugar coat it - it's hard to. What I'd suggest, if you need to vent directly to certain people about it - maybe try and take the time to write it down and send it to them. It's how I did/do it. It relieves the stress and anxiety you may experience when in the moment of talking to someone about it over voice. It gives you all the time to think it over, and truly express your struggles/emotions in the words you intend for it to come across with.
  7. Jacques

    Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    Okey-doke, this is something I can relate to more than I imagined. For a bit of context first off; I'm also on the spectrum. ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) to be specific. It was always suspected by my parents when I was younger than I had something along those lines, however was only diagnosed in 3 years ago. Admittedly, it's quite different to ADHD in a lot of regards. However, that's not what I feel is relatable...but rather the shame to admit it, and request help with the struggles I have. I'm not really in this position anymore, but I do entirely understand where you're coming from when it comes to my past feelings. First off - the most important thing to under is this; being on the spectrum should never be treated the same way as the likes of depression/anxiety. Depression/anxiety is something which can be overcome, and that in no way is a positive aspect of someone's life. Whereas...being on the spectrum is the complete opposite. Yes, you may behave and perceive things quite differently to those who are neurotypical...however, that's not necessarily a bad thing. There are certainly some of these things which make it harder to truly function in our society, though you shouldn't be looking to fix them. Rather, find the better in them and how to adapt around it. Alongside this, there are many positive aspects to it Either way, I do understand why you are fearing admitting it and asking for help. I was determined to be considered normal, to "overcome" my autism. Admittedly, I still do have my moments. Nonetheless, I've learnt that it's not a case of fixing or overcoming what some people may consider "faults" - but rather, it's a case of discovering the positives and strengths of it, and working to further improve that. There is no shame in asking for help with that either. I apologise if these paragraphs are a bit all over the place, and I feel as if I've butchered my wording. But I'm hoping you get my point. Anyway, hope this helps - and if you ever wanna chat more about it, just hit me up in DM's or TS. I'm more than happy to discuss it further.
  8. Jacques


    Ayyy! We should! I need to start grinding ranked again tbh. I wiped my friends list a little while back, so I no longer had you added - but I've sent you a request. Also, ty my man
  9. Jacques

    The Unfortunate Rambling of a Compulsive Man

    ------------------------------------------------------------- The man's eyes swell, the condensation building up on the visors of his Soviet-made gas mask, as his distressed self frantically exhales. Johannes, disregarding the majority of the man's prattle, decides to ultimately speak up... “Right now, I require serious convincing on why on Earth I should value your life. Otherwise, I might as well be on my way.” Zhoe glares at him, repulsed by his attitude towards the situation; while Ally silently nods in his rough direction. Johan pauses for a few seconds before continuing in a far more condescending manner... “Remember; my life is not the one being threatened here...It is yours. One that is not even remotely relevant to my wellbeing. You just expect me to potentially risk my entire reputation and then to lie and deceive those unfortunate enough to pass through?” The man remains, dwelling in his own self-pitiful and despairing tears, stammering prior to ultimately managing to spew his sympathy seeking gibberish. “I don't bloody know! For Pete's sake; he murdered my son right before my ey-“. Johan cuts him off in a rather irked tone. “Ja-ja, skip the sob story...I couldn't care less. You are doing nothing other than further delaying the conclusion to this predicament. Just elaborate on what we actually have to endure to save your dearest life.” The man, spluttering a grotesque mix of his own blood and saliva, heaves excessively, before continuing in his husky and fragmentary speech. “The notes…They…[blurts out an insecure chuckle, abruptly shifting into a violent cough]…Everything you need to know…Is on them…” Johan takes in a hefty dose of air, sprawling out his arms at full length, twisting his wrists and interlocking his knuckles, faffing with them until they create an unsettling CRACK. As he exhales loudly, he snatches the note from the man’s trembling hand reluctantly. Johan pokes the bridge of his glasses and reshuffles his clothing, rotating his shoulders before reading the note aloud to his fellow acquaintances in his ever-so monotone voice: “So siehts...” “What...the...FUCK?!” Zhoe explicitly exclaims as a worrisome mutter abruptly turns into an obnoxious yell. “Someone's watching us?!” She says as she backs away, with her Kalashnikov drawn. “Calm the fuck down!” Ally groans through gritted teeth. Johan clenching his clammy fists, an apprehensive spasm flowing through his body, as he struggles to repress his frustration with the two whining females, blocking out the rest of their gibberish. He massages his rough forehead with his erect palms, grunting to himself as he grinds the soles of his boots against the coarse ground, giving the whimpering man a hinting kick beneath his knee caps on his way past. “AGH! SCHAT AP VOMENZ! Verschone mich von dieser Gottverfluchten Migrä-!” Johan yells at the top of his inadequate lungs, as he cuts out mid-sentence after allowing his anxiety to erupt into a disarray of broken English, his distinctive accent as potent as ever, eventually fading into his native tongue. He runs his fingers through his greasy hair, violently tugging on the abundance of knots. ------------------------------------------------------------- OOC NOTE:
  10. Elk

    • Elk
    • Jacques

    By any chance, @ItzzNate is that you in that gif

    1. Jacques


      Oi oi. Just realised you're West the pest!

      How yer been?

    2. Elk


      OI OI, the good whole Western the whitename king is gone, it is the I Elk, I have been reborn fam. Yeah mate im good, havnt see you in abit how are you fam

    3. Jacques


      Yo that's 🔥
      I might miss that Western though.

      I'm doing all right, nothing spectacular tbh.

    4. Elk


      Hows the ole bird going

    5. Jacques


      He's pretty chill. Learnt loads of new things to mimic.

      But of all things, his favourite one at the moment is mimicking a crow's call....lmao. Identity crisis? 🤔

    6. Elk


      SJW are birds now? xD

    7. Jacques


      Excuse me? They have severe feather dysmorphia, and the personality of a crow. However, you will NOT address to them as a crow, but rather a Dodo. This is their way of showing support for the horrors mankind committed to such a beautiful bird.

      Ugh. Why is today's society so uneducated and shallow?!?

    8. Elk


      get in the bin son 

  11. Jacques


    Don't go killing my dreams.
  12. Jacques


    Didn't expect to see myself back here anytime soon, if at all due to the state of DayZ...yet, I'll admit - my anticipation for 0.63 has got me pretty pumped for this place again. Very-very possible my hype is incredibly premature and delusional. *However*, let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst...yes-yes? I miss this place too much. I doubt I'll be getting in-game til 0.63 releases, nonetheless - I'm going to try and become active on the forums once more and get myself all psyched for sitting around a campfire!! I might start hopping on TS again too (just prepare yourself for the array of noises my parrot will be making). Also, I should probably say...I've changed my name again. I'm Flapjack/Austin, as those of you who knew me will remember me by. Okey-doke. Toodles for now!
  13. Jacques

    Reminiscing Childhood TV Shows

    The Trap Door + Stoppit & Tidyup. Two shows from waaaayy before my time. However, it's what I was brought up on. Also, some honourable mentions such as; Fraggle Rock, Count Duckula, Danger Mouse, The Clangers etc.
  14. Jacques

    What do you collect?

    I've gone through a few phases of collections. What initially got me into collecting at all, was the passed down collection of Asterix comics from my father. However, since then I have started two of my own collections. Firstly was my "Country Artists" figurine collection. More specifically, I collected their bird models...what a surprise, amirite? Here's a picture of the one which started my collection (Male Bullfinch): However, as of recently - I've also started collecting ties...also bird related generally lmao. This one is my favourite: All the more backing evidence that I'm actually just a miserable old man... sigh
  15. Jacques

    Jobs and professions?

    Commis Chef at a local restaurant. However, occasionally when short of staff elsewhere - I'll be a bartender or waiter for a day.