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  1. Flapjack


    It sucks to say, but I've lost all the motivation I ever had for this game and roleplaying on it. Even with 0.63 becoming available for us etc...I just can't revive the previous passion I had for this place. It's a shame, but hey - stuff moves on.

    In the last four years I've met some incredible people and had some great experiences. I don't feel like I need to tag anyone, you know who you are. But alongside my life getting busier and having lost all motivation to play...

    It's ciao for now.

    1. DrMax


      I'll miss you and Otto! 

    2. Svenne
    3. Sleepyhead


      We'll still play games sometime Flapyack! You did well.

    4. Dino


      I can't @Support you in discord anymore ?

      what will I do with my time now

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