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    H'wait...you're allowed to recreate characters from the old lore? Shows how much I bloody know.


    P.S: Otto demands birb GIF's...

    1. Chewy


      Otto can get birb gifs later, Chewy sleepy.

      And yes. You can. I actually swapped my story out slightly this time tho.

    2. Flapjack


      Sleepy =/= Lazy

      Fine. Then Otto do an acrobat...


  1. Benedict Snyder

    Responsible and mature, or sheep and parent's pet? I suppose that's down to personal interpretation of the man, in all honesty. He could be perceived as both. For the most part, he excelled in academical regards...less so in social situations. Benedict was raised in such a way that his manners are almost overbearing for some. You could say he blindly follows his parents' wishes, but he is independent minded enough to make his own decisions - he simply chooses not to, the majority of the time. Just, it was something incredibly important to him; to make his parents proud - which, in itself, made him happy. So, as per his parents' wishes, after his time in full-time education, he moved on to study medicine. It was a subject of academics he often struggled to grasp, but the idea that he'd be pleasing his parents alongside the idea of being in a career which would be dedicated to assisting others, certainly appealed. After dragging himself through the first five years to earn himself his initial degree, and the two extra for his post-graduate; Benedict made his way to the country of Chernarus to support his mother through some difficulties with his younger sister, as he found an opportunity to do his last several years of specialist work over there. OOC Notes: - I plan to reword this heavily, soon-ish. But this is the rough basis of his life story. - I'm not overly familiar with how earning a doctorate in medicine actually works. I did do some research, but not enough that I feel super confident in what I've written. I will certainly be continuing my research, just in all honesty - it's kinda difficult to properly determine each and every aspect to it, unless you've actually been in that field yourself. So if you know more about it, and can see something that needs correcting - then by all means, let me know!
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    Drop by when comms when they aren't in need of keemo,

    I miss ya dude.

  2. Community awards Lore Wipe.

    As long as they're used somewhat sparingly, so that they don't just turn into a meaningless awards - then sure.
  3. Current Issues

    Pft. Dunno what you peeps are on about tbh. I mean, I got held at gun point in an alleyway IRL once...all the dude wanted was some small talk. I was all like; a'ight - das chill fam.
  4. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Just a quick question regarding the lore wipe; will there be an interval for the servers between the end of the current timeline and the start of the new? I merely wonder, because - it has been spoken of in the past, and was wondering if any thing came of it.
  5. Improve Beanz Count?

    I've always been one to believe that you should be able to give unlimited amount of BeanZ per day, however with there being a limitation on each user - for obvious reasons. Also, regarding the +rep/-rep system...I'm a huge advocate of this. It's been suggested before, and as much as it would be great for it to work in a perfect utopia; where people would utilize it in a constructive manner - we're far from that, and it'll just result in misuse of the negative reputation features. I believe, anyway. Honestly, the only change I really want to see to the rep system is the return of the messages you could put with them, like on the old site. Though, I'd assume there's a reason that was so-called "removed" here - as I do not believe it comes default in this new forum software, unlike MyBB.
  6. How many use Shadow Play?

    Not sure if questions was the right forum section for this, seems more like a general discussion thread to me. However, in answer to your question - yes, I use it (and yes, I voted). Though, to be fair - from what I understand, a fair few people play on utter potatoes here. I personally know at least a couple people who genuinely cannot use recording software due to the capabilities of their PC. To be honest though, it's very rare I have to record for reports. The majority of the time I just use it to document my good roleplay experiences; something I'd like to be able to look back on. In fact, one of my hard drives is almost entirely dedicated to those clips.
  7. Gore Update?

    They've always been there. However, they do seem more vibrantly coloured in these shots - though, it looks to be more of a graphical hiccup than an update to them.
  8. It's "Potshots" not "Pop-shots"

    H'wat...? I would just shrug this off as someone expressing a pet peeve, but - to be fair...I've never heard anyone say "popshots" in place of "potshots". I mean, like...the closest thing that comes to mind is like someone saying; "yo fam ! i iz leik gunna pop sum shotz @ dis cheeky ni?️?️a !!!!111!!!1"... Yet, as said, that monstrosity of a sentence is not replacing the term "potshots".
  9. Happy Mother`s Day!

  10. Let's Test out a PVE server...

    I was just about to write a wee' paragraph on why this shouldn't be a thing. Please, for the love of God be joking @Rolle....
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    C O N G R A -...

    Okay, fuck this aesthetic shit...Congratulations Chief! Really good to see you in the LM role, I̶'̶m̶ ̶s̶u̶r̶e I know you'll do great my dude. Looking forward to seeing what you and the new LM team create.


    Also, maybe correct your gender now...you little lore slut : ^)

    1. Papa Tachanka

      Papa Tachanka

      yet I am a pretty girl look at my pink profile ;) 

      Thanks I definitely will.

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    This profile has such a familiar 

    V I B E

    1. Flapjack


      Do you feel...

      N O S T A L G I C ?