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  1. Flapjack

    Boys Only Thread

    an old term, now long forgotten. only few still remember the now deemed "myth", which is two genders
  3. Jamie

Ayyyy! Have a good one fella.



Wishing you a great day from me and Otto ? 

  1. SleepyRP


    that's fucking adorable!

  • Flapjack

    Forum Badges? Hear me out.

    Nah. Pretty much what Dan said. And tbf, even before the paid titles - things like the 'Photographer' title, and how easier that was to get...makes things like that just a meaningless vanity decor. I'd much rather we just brought back more unique titles/ranks for those who have truly contributed to the community.
  • Flapjack

    Real life picture Thread

    tfw all you wanna do is throb your ego with a flattering selfie... ...and this deformed pigeon makes it his duty to do everything in his power to stop me
  • Flapjack

    Find me so news titles that are not family friendly and I will make them family friendly

    i'm just gonna use this as an opportunity to share my all time favourite news title...and tbh, it's already done half your job.
  • "People seek answers. They seek knowledge, wisdom...and contentedness in existence. Something, which I'm afraid to say; you shall never find through true perception of existential awareness. It's rabbit hole you can only delve so far down, until there is no turning back. Trust me when I say this...if I could go back to living the life of a sheep, wearing rose tinted shades...I would do just that. There is no fulfilment to be found in the mind of someone who understands our existence. Why? Because, I hate to break it to you my dear...there is no objective answer. Existence is what you make of it, and the more aware you become of how fundamentally meaningless it is - you begin to realise, that no contrived answer will leave you in a state of contentedness. You are now stuck in the spiralling state of nihilism I have been in for quite some time. There is no escaping this. And no, you cannot join me. Nor can I advise you on how to cope. You've entered your own gateway to mental torment. All I can say is...cherish it. Do not fight it. Embrace it. As I can assure you, with incredible certainty...what comes after this, is incomprehensible anguish." - Taken from Gresham's blog; "The Illusions of Green(er) Grass" --- // I plan to massively expand on this background and page in general. I'd just prefer to develop and establish the character through RP first.
  • SleepyRP

    • SleepyRP
    • Flapjack

    i miss u and otto

  • Flapjack

    Oooh, look who's back!

    I thought I closed this door... Not gonna lie, I'm kinda peeved I can't find motivation for all this anymore now. This is TotallyNotFair... ??
  • Flapjack


    It sucks to say, but I've lost all the motivation I ever had for this game and roleplaying on it. Even with 0.63 becoming available for us etc...I just can't revive the previous passion I had for this place. It's a shame, but hey - stuff moves on.

    In the last four years I've met some incredible people and had some great experiences. I don't feel like I need to tag anyone, you know who you are. But alongside my life getting busier and having lost all motivation to play...

    It's ciao for now.

    1. DrMax


      I'll miss you and Otto! 

    2. Svenne
    3. SleepyRP


      We'll still play games sometime Flapyack! You did well.

    4. Dino


      I can't @Support you in discord anymore ?

      what will I do with my time now

  • Flapjack

    Why has my "Tycoon" suddenly disappeared

    Hm. I imagine this is a fault on the site's side of things. I'll give @Roland a cheeky tag for this one.
  • Flapjack

    League of Legends - Season 8 [Official Thread]

    Are you suggesting my Dark Harvest Poppy isn't meta??? ? Tell me this Poppy build doesn't give you that special feeling... ?
  • Flapjack

    League of Legends - Season 8 [Official Thread]

    Let's revive this shit with something juicy. Jhin...catch! Jhin...I said catch!
  • Flapjack

    Lore poll

    that's a negative attitude though. the sort of negative attitude which results in it just returning to the same old. think of it this way; if we provide people with a 50-100 year future timeline - you'll get to hear numerous rumours/stories of the old times, with more flexibility of the types of groups you can make. our old society will become a long lost myth, and people will find new ways to develop the world's story. I personally really hope that if we do get something like that, that we as the playerbase; won't just take it for granted, and will play our part in the story. it would be a massive opportunity to freshen things up, and develop a huge new world. if people take that opportunity for granted...that's on them.
  • Flapjack

    Lore poll

    why? what most people are suggesting, is something fresh and new? the reason for the previous lore wipe was different. the purpose of this time jump/lore wipe or whatever would be to do the opposite of this, give people a stepping stone for a new flavour of RP
  • Flapjack

    Lore poll

    Honestly, if this is pulled off correctly...it could be so fucking cool. But it would require a lot of work on the lore side of things to make it work out well. Then again, maybe that'd be good for us - try out the new rule set soon, all while we get some people to work on creating the world we've lived in for the last 50-100 years. The more I think about it, the more I'd be pumped for something like that.
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