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  1. Not sure if questions was the right forum section for this, seems more like a general discussion thread to me. However, in answer to your question - yes, I use it (and yes, I voted). Though, to be fair - from what I understand, a fair few people play on utter potatoes here. I personally know at least a couple people who genuinely cannot use recording software due to the capabilities of their PC. To be honest though, it's very rare I have to record for reports. The majority of the time I just use it to document my good roleplay experiences; something I'd like to be able to look back on. In fact, one of my hard drives is almost entirely dedicated to those clips.
  2. They've always been there. However, they do seem more vibrantly coloured in these shots - though, it looks to be more of a graphical hiccup than an update to them.
  3. H'wat...? I would just shrug this off as someone expressing a pet peeve, but - to be fair...I've never heard anyone say "popshots" in place of "potshots". I mean, like...the closest thing that comes to mind is like someone saying; "yo fam ! i iz leik gunna pop sum shotz @ dis cheeky ni🅱️🅱️a !!!!111!!!1"... Yet, as said, that monstrosity of a sentence is not replacing the term "potshots".
  4. Happy Mother`s Day!

  5. Hot-diggity-damn. Liking the new graphics Phoenix
  6. I was just about to write a wee' paragraph on why this shouldn't be a thing. Please, for the love of God be joking @Rolle....
  7. C O N G R A -...

    Okay, fuck this aesthetic shit...Congratulations Chief! Really good to see you in the LM role, I̶'̶m̶ ̶s̶u̶r̶e I know you'll do great my dude. Looking forward to seeing what you and the new LM team create.


    Also, maybe correct your gender little lore slut : ^)

    1. Chief


      yet I am a pretty girl look at my pink profile ;) 

      Thanks I definitely will.

  8. This profile has such a familiar 

    V I B E

    1. Austin


      Do you feel...

      N O S T A L G I C ?


    1. Austin


      Take it as flattery, my ni🅱🅱a.

    2. SideBooch


      U got it 🅱

  10. I might have already put it on here...but h'watever. I remember very clearly, I was with Destiny and Gehard. Destiny, wasn't exactly in the greatest mood IC, and decided she wanted to take her anger out with a, well - my character and Gehard went on a little scavenging trip to find some gasoline. And well, I found a jerry can, but on my way running over to Destiny...I drank some by accident, as well - there was no animation to even cancel, it was instant. So, all it took was one misclick. Welp, there I was...dying slowly, but surely. Here's a picture I took on that same day...
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    Happy birthday British Eeyore


    1. Oliv


      wtf, Eeyore smiling?

    2. Austin


      Eeyore, a Grizzly Bear, Satan...what will my voice get compared to next?

  11. Ayyy my nibba Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy birthday champ.

  13. Happy birthday dad

  14. Happy Birthday, Flapjack. 

    1. Austin


      Much appreciated, JuicyJamie.