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  1. Two computers One account

    Another quick question - If I managed to get white listed. Is it possible for me to play on another computer. I'm currently using my work computer, but I do use my home computer also. Will I be able to access it from that? (I managed to find the pass phrase, thanks for the help, sorry for the frustration)
  2. Whitelist question

    I have read through the rules around 5 times now, and I have yet to find a pass phrase. I don't want to be that guy, but I was really excited to send off the white list application and play on DayzRP because I've heard very good things. However, I have donated to be able to do the white list application, I don't think this is fair at all. I bet there isn't any way to get my donation back either right? Is there any way this can be resolved or is a simple "tough, you can't find the word, we'll keep the donation, move alone"?
  3. Hello

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone as I'm new, hey!