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  1. Ah, Thank you.. As i have been misinformed by my friends. I'll change my story according:)
  2. Thanks, Do you possible have any Idea when i coudl start my Singup?
  3. Hello, I'm Mr. Pilsudski, I'm a 47 year old former Irish Mafia Enforcer, I left due to a lack of Administration, and Babania's So I moved to Russia, Chernogorsk But then the Zombies came. Okay well there my short intro to what my homepfully soon to be Character in DayZRp will be. But since i cannot Donate, (no money) I will have to wait. But I'm Known as Socks, I'm a 16 year old male. And i'm excited to get to know ya'll and hopefully soon join the Ranks in whitelisted!(again cant onate so i'll have to wait:() But if any oen has idea for my intro, to spice things up with the character background, it would be greatly apreciated... I'm still working on the full version. witch wil be two paragraphs long Sincerely, Mr. Pilsudski