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  1. Zipcouda

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

  2. Zipcouda


    Don't give out your steam to random people on the internet. Either way, welcome to the community and make sure to join the discord. Discord is the easiest way to get connected with other players in the community.
  3. There are a lot of people in this community who are going to troll as much as possible to ruin your experience. In most cases if someone is doing this you can just leave. You should consider affiliating yourself with a group, incase something is going bad with other players you can have the group come over to ensure issues cease. Make sure that if you do have a group that is willing to do this, that you make it worth their while. In the case of someone actually rping stuff with her, as in torture and so on, well you need to do what you feel is right in that situation. Barter for her life, do whatever it takes to help her and protect her. In this case, having a group to back you up is a huge plus. Word of advice, is the more you show your protection over her, the more people will exploit it. EDIT: Something to note in Mademoiselle's video, is that people will big dick unrealistically. That guy at different moments had several guns pointing at him. He still continued to act tough and threaten them. This will happen too, people will play unrealistically to make themselves feel tougher.
  4. Well, personally I don't mind dropping this report. Yes, your rp when we met you was annoying and I hope you guys refrain from it in the future. However you guys are new, and I understand not everyone is familiar with roleplay or knows their niche roleplay. I have met Vance ingame again and he is roleplaying well and certainly less irritating. Anyway, I value that you guys are newer to the community, I hope you guys value the fact that most of us want quality roleplay instead of people acting rather stupid. Your actions after the restart were annoying as well, but again I understand you are new so it can be forgiven. However I hope if you do this again you get punished severely as this is not something people should drop in most circumstances. And I do feel Sophie could pursue it, regardless if you had kos rights on her, you still abused game mechanics to get the advantage. You guys have been respectful and kind with your responses, not really to me specifically but just in your responses over all. I can't speak for Sophie, but I am willing again to drop this as I have seen improvement. Keep improving please. @Sophie Your report, your choice.
  5. There is honestly no reason to argue the POV's. You guys had outright annoying roleplay, with the jumping over us, talking about drinking her drips and running around. At further points you aim at us and use us as human shields. When I confront you in rp, you run off and shoot the ground around you screaming. Then when we initiate after you threatened us, which would grant us KOS rights on you as I wanted to get your names. The server restarts and before everyone can get ingame you use the restart to your advantage, run out and kill who you can, and run off. Not only attempting to abuse game mechanics but again ruining the chance for further roleplay. Also, it seems that only one of you came back ingame. There were two of you inside. Either both of you managed to get in immediately and ran off, or one of you didn't bother logging back in. I would request @Zanaan to check over the connection logs to see if both of them logged back in after the restart. It wouldn't be a matter of him being last in que, as my game crashed after the server did, so I was 50th in que when I managed to get back in. If the other made any reasonable effort to get back into the game, he would of been in before me. We checked the building several times after I got in, and only 1 of them ever came out based on what @Sophie experienced. We did have one person ingame at that point and pursued the one who killed Sophie. If he had managed to connect back into the game it is another example of abusing game mechanics. The doors were open when Sophie connected, so maybe he got in first and just ran. If that is the case they are both responsible for it. EDIT: Just read this bit - In terms of Bill and Vance they were being held up in a house. You can see this situation from the video, but clearly Jade is involved with the situation, and it is most likely she called for everyone to come hold us up. Vance is going crazy in there, while Bill is trying to calm him down and tell the guys he isnt going to shoot them. One of the people sprays down the door, killing Vance when they were clearly trying to roleplay the situation. Soon after, the server restarts, and with Vance dead, and me with nothing, Bill comes out of the house and kills Jade.  -------------- So one of my members killed Vance. Vance was one that we saw moving next to the door. So in that case it would of just been Bill who ran after server restart as they mentioned. Vance has not posted his POV either.
  6. Vrach Sikorski - Names they gave - Ernst Shitty bill Members of tracksuit mofia I was walking towards Rogovo with the bois when I moved towards the pump to drink. Sophie joined me shortly before the three men in track suits. We started to drink, and one started the conversation with "Let me drink your drips" as he drank next to Sophie. After a bit of horrible trolly rp, with them jumping over us repeatedly, going in the fountain saying they are drinking piss, one of them aims at me and I ask why. After I asked this they all started to run, the one with the AK, spinning and shooting as fast as he could, firing about 5 shots. After which he took off running. We pursued them to a two story green building where they threatened to kill us if we entered. I at this point initiated and they continued their trolly rp. I waited outside but then the server crashed. I feel like mentioning this entire time Sophie was trying to work with them to figure things out, she never threatened them. After the server restarts my game crashes, and I quickly log in to find Sophie dead and they are all long gone. Clearly using the restart to gain an advantage over us and kill those he could before running. I have video footage, but Sophie was with me almost the entire time. If it is needed please let me know.
  7. Zipcouda

    Make Youtube audio not ear splitting

    I'm not telling him to disable autoplay so he dosn't have to listen to the music. At least he can choose when it is played, as well as having his volume he prefers ready.
  8. Zipcouda

    Make Youtube audio not ear splitting

    I personally think the music levels are fine. Also there is volume controls available. At least if you do this you can change the volume before the music and video starts. I feel if it is really that bad, there might be something wrong with your sound card.
  9. Zipcouda

    Make Youtube audio not ear splitting

    @Jasper Simple, go to your own profile and hit edit profile on the right. Scroll down to Website Settings Disable autoplay on profiles? Off Here you can disable profile video and music autoplay on member and character profiles, for example if you have a potato for PC. Turn yours on.
  10. People who are overly insecure about themselves find solitude in their taunting and hate of others. I know there are some people in this community that I dislike, some I utterly loath... but I know that trolling them or taunting them, or trying to have them understand is pointless. Their mind is set that they are the best, and they are better than the rest. This will happen throughout life and especially on the internet. However there are those people you can grow close to, those that value you and enjoy your company. Those you grow to have laughs with that you will remember for the rest of your life are the moments I am here for. Sophie, I wish you the best of luck in your recovery. But as I am someone on the internet, and don't know you personally, I understand it means little. But I hope you will consider the good times instead of focusing on low life scum of this community that think they are better then anyone else. They need to remember that Karma is a bitch, and a lot of people grow to have cancer.
  11. Zipcouda

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    We know that OOC. We didn't know Kam wasn't there. It was from our perspective Kam, Koz, and Dynamic Cherno Russians. I may name Kam but mean all Cherno Russians in the sense of who executed them. I should start just referring to Kam as nationalist as I agree it can be confusing. But yess... prepare for bloodshed REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  12. Zipcouda

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Thats fine @Nightngale. Regardless if the feedback is positive or negative we appreciate it. However I was merely trying to explain at least my reason for this recent conflict. We will leave it here and let Ryan respond to the feedback further if he wishes.
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