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  1. Early life August was born on Hawaii, 2054 in a small beachside village named Polana to his mother Amana and father Carter, growing up August was told story's from his grandfather about the early days of the infection and all the adventure's he'd been on and people he met good and bad and how he met his family and friends. August's favorite story's were of travel, adventure and the journey to reach Hawaii over the sea's, August told his grandfather he was going to be just like him, that he was going to explore the world meet new people and places. Dreams With the passing of his
  2. Forgot to add @NiveousNever forget the circus bears
  3. o7

    1. Vlk


      07 my guy

  4. Its obviously A cold map right... seeing some snow with mountains
  5. until

    Sooo stream soon?
  6. "Get new clothes I tried to give you some jeans but you declined them"
  7. ngl kinda looks like Ivan to me @cjackson821
  8. The return of killeshandra
  9. Its snowwwww not decent
  10. Is this new map? why do I see snow... Cant wait to freeze to death
  11. Them rules are wild need to be fixed
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