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  1. Back in the States, his father had tried his best to prevent him from the awful and dangerous life his grand-father had to live before him. In result, Jack Marston Jr. became one of the most sucessful Big Game Hunter of the country. Jack Marston had never hidden from his lovely son the terrible truth about his father's death, and who was responsible for that. Right before his father's death, Jack Marston Jr. decided to move and live in Chernarus, thanks to its unusual fauna and flora, which he hoped would improve his hunting skills, still keeping in mind what happened to his grand-father though... After several years of practice, Jack Marston Jr. had been informed the men and their descendants, who were responsible for his grand-father's death, lived in Chernarus. Hunting from wild animals to humans will not bother him anymore. The apocalypse either. God help those men, because he won't.
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