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  1. I did not get drunk and throw them in a river, they are just gone. I believe the rifle was an svt-40 but not 100% on that.
  2. Say I am with a group and real life calls and I have to bounce. Should i say like "I'm tired, gonna go to sleep" and run into a house and log off? Or what if I am being held hostage or something? Break character?
  3. Tyson Scott grew up in a small town in Maine. His father taught him how to hunt and fish at a very young age. He became comfortable with the outdoors but never truly loved that life like his friends and family did. To pay for college, he did several years in the Army reserve. He never was deployed to combat. He went to school in Boston, where he got a degree in Anthropology. This took him all over the world and he loved to travel. Although he lived in a city, he loved spending weeks camping and in the wilderness later in life.
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