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  5. I really like the AS Val. New Cooler VSS with no freaking wood on it. 9x39mm (Armor Piercing) Integrally suppressed. (No repairing suppressors that are supposed to be rated for around 50k shots) Introduces a 20 round mag compatible with the VSS to make them both more viable. Bohemia put a fancy tritium night sight with rail that can support western optics. (sadly you can't use the tritium night sight while you use an optic. the only downside.) Small and relatively lightweight.
  6. Not all groups have, or should have, an opposition. The roleplay should be "primarily" an enjoyable experience for everyone who comes in contact with them, even through left notes. People typically don't lie about another group's actions, especially when notes are left for others to know about those actions by the group who performed them. OOCly, we know that you cannot fake or pose as being another person or group, when there's also a reliable source or friend telling you what was written is true, then obviously it's not just going to be thrown out. Committing actions that do not align with y
  7. Thiiiis. I would give beanz but I have none left to give ;~; Having staff looking out for whether or not the groups are actually trying to reach their more defined goals would be nice too. Some groups are using terms and ideas that are not very well explained (and are not played out well because they are using an outsider's perspective and not an actual insider's perspective) and could possibly mean many things to different people. As an avid Fallout New Vegas player, I was kinda disappointed to see the name Dead Horse(s) used for an outlaw group. But that's fine. Seeing a self-proc
  8. This has certainly stood the test of time I think. Poor limited PvP roleplayers just trying to mind their own business, getting dunked on by skilled PvPers.
  9. Simply don't use them? So many people are complaining about them not being rare but no one who's complaining seems to have the integrity to simply get rid of them or stop using them. The OP who suggested the lowering of their drop rate and removing them from the trader has more than half of their group in all their pictures with SCARs and FALs with drum mags. No "realism" integrity on either side of this forever "war" to actually drop them and stop using them. If they're such powerful weapons that take the fun out of your pvp wars, then simply switch to only AK's and M4's like everyone co
  10. I really enjoy @InvalidCat's character. Very fun and funny character in a good, passive way. @Checster1999's character is (and hopefully intentionally, or else I apologize) entirely creepy and worrying to be around. Also great RP with @Millie and @cas
  11. (Un)intentionally (in)competent.

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