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  1. I would like for the group to be archived. The group is not motivated to play. May bring this back in the future.
  2. New updated and expanded thread is now up, adding to the lore of recent events and introducing a new subsection within our Order of Archangel Gabriel, special thanks to @Fuchsfor the lore and visuals.
  3. I think this is spot on, to be honest. I think areas of the server such as the traders and even the airdrops if they were to be added detract from the RP in the server and bring even more of a focus onto loot and gear, which I already think is a major problem within the community at this time. A lot of people seem to constantly do trader runs to gather more money and equipment, I don't think that should be how the server is played and the airdrops will almost certainly worsen the problem. There are a plethora of other servers that offer a more loot/pvp orientated approach to the game and don't
  4. I only respond to this IC-ly at 20:40 in the extended cut of the video provided, after I had headed back to where I left him to keep and eye on the compound before hearing him exclaim "Oh Shit!" over the radio and never respond again during the situation. Lukas had found his corpse at the bottom of the tower and reported this back to everyone else IC.
  5. Replying to @Duplessis ; I was not one of the individuals who took him hostage so I am unsure if he said anything as he was taken captive or shortly after as I was in the corner of the compound in the tower and could not hear him after that point. I do know he would not stop talking so Lukas gave the order to keep him quiet whilst we made sure no one else was hiding around
  6. To reply to @Otto; I myself and I alone was the only person wearing the pattern gorka uniform that is associated with the Duchy and I was the shooter 200m out who was shooting from the West. After the encounter I left directly to the South through the industrial area without the rest of my allies and headed straight down South in the dark, so I am unsure to whether or not you would have seen me specifically and therefore the uniform. As for the last paragraph regarding @Zoinks, I believe that all works out ICly as it was obviously suspicious on his part. In the logs it shows that Kenny beg
  7. I was in the rear tower, I heard something along the lines of "Whats up fuckers? What are you all doing in my shop eh? I own this place!" As he was shouting across the compound but I did not hear anything before or beyond this point as the people closer to him were the ones who held him at gunpoint and took him hostage properly
  8. In response the POV of @Mugin Here you clearly state that Kenny was relaying the information about the armbands, he is alive in the server for roughly 8 minutes and 6 seconds and is taken hostage for around 7 minutes and 20 seconds until his death, when he had no radio. This leaves a very narrow window for communication for such information and does not match the transmission that was heard by @Realizein his POV as seen below As well as this, you clearly transfer information OOC in the first video, calling people by forum names and using phrases such as logged in. You also blat
  9. Server and location: Server 1, Novaya Petrovka (Transporter Compound) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2:55 AM Your in game name: Lukas Horacek Names of allies involved: @Dave DaVinci @Zoinks @Human @Trasdiablo @Verbal @MrCrane @Sammiii @Lucky Luke @Fuchs Name of suspect/s: Transporters / Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: After a lengthy scouting period lasting around an hour prior to
  10. Very much enjoying the roleplay from you guys so far from what I have seen. Offering a nice refreshing interaction with another nationalist group is always something I can look forward to IC and OOC. Hopefully this is just the start of our interactions and I look forward to seeing you guys in game more often.
  11. First formed by some of the early slavic settlers on the Burnaya River in the early 8th century, the settlements of Burnaya had been a long standing population centre until the unification of the local tribes under the Jirečeks family. Despite the unification and the creation of the Principality of the Cherna-Rus, the people of the Burnaya settlements felt that the land they formed farms and towns on were being claimed by a family that did not rightfully own them. Instead, they believed the Horáček family, which had helped to establish the first safe settlements from bandits and the dange
  12. Rough Start Born into a struggling working class family on Merseyside, Barry was bound to cause trouble. The 2nd of his parent 4 children, he always seemed to be the trouble causer amongst his siblings for his parents. With a belligerent alcoholic father, Barry found himself attempting to mould himself into his own man. Struggling through both Primary and Secondary education, he would find more amusement and usefulness in getting into scraps with other children in his classes, often being labelled as a bully due to his much larger build compared to his peers. Despite struggling for money,
  13. Born in Kirovograd, to a family of wealthy noblemen, Lukas was the nephew of Cesmir Horáček,. Lukas grew up very close with his cousin, Julius, who was of a similar age (just a year older than himself). Lukas' father was the younger brother of Cesmir and so the 2 households were often mixed into eachothers affairs. As such, Lukas and Julius often attended all events together and would seek eachother out during family events such as this. Through their younger years, the boys went to school together, attended church and practiced hunting and shooting with their fathers. Both Julius and Lukas ha
  14. Born into a working family during the era of the soviet union, Miroslav's childhood was not the most vibrant nor tame. His family were better off than most in his home town but not by a huge amount and the occasional tough month hit hard at home for him and his 3 siblings. The youngest of 4 children, Mira was often looked down upon in his large family home as a trouble maker and a hooligan, constantly engaging in brotherly-fights with his closest brother, Vladimir. Miroslav's father had been an officer in the Red Army, fighting during the great patriotic war and Mira barraged him with unending
  15. Born to 2 fairly young and inexperienced Russian parents in Moscow, Vlad moved with his family to his father's hometown of St Petersburg at a young age in order to be closer to his fathers family, which was a big and wealthy one based in the city. This move helped Vlad develop as a child as he grew up around many cousins and later a younger brother and sister. Vlad seemed to be a troublesome child, being somewhat spoiled with what little money his parents had. Between an unemployed mother and a father struggling to find work, his parents were desperate for Vlad to lead a more significant life
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