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  1. Snuff Yakovi was born in April 1997 in Moscow, Russia. Since he was a little boy, his life was difficult, he was abandoned by his parents at the age of five and, from then on, he started to roam the streets of the city, living on donations and people's charity. Regardless of the situation, he was always positive and did not let himself be carried away by drugs and the life of crime, always trying to aim for something in his life, to prove to himself and the world that he was not a mistake. In 2015, when he turned eighteen, without study and opportunity, Snuff joined the country's military forces, and in 2016 he was ordered to go to Chernarus to help the region avoid the possibility of a new civil war. With that, he started to live in the region, became enchanted by a woman and started to build a life, determined to build something he never had for: a family. From that moment on, he was no longer part of the army and began to dedicate himself totally to the construction of the new family, getting a job in the place and building his new life little by little. In 2018 with the emergence of the new flu, the snuff family stocked up on food, made a quarantine of their own and managed to get through this new pandemic. The second pandemic came at a time when the population was still restructuring, taking everyone by surprise. This time, Snuff and his wife were unable to repeat the same as the first wave and had to start migrating through the cities in the region, looking for food and a safe place. Snuff had military training, he knew that general panic would only cause problems and because of that, he knew that acting alone was the best thing to do. In 2020, with the news of the flu mutation, the family was already prepared, isolating themselves in a house in the countryside, afraid of everything and everyone. Unfortunately, due to an oversight, his wife ended up being bitten by a sick person. At first she was fine, had no symptoms and both were calm. Suddenly in the middle of the night, his wife tried to bite him and in a fight, he ended up killing her. Devastated, snuff isolated himself in the mountains of chernarus, having no contact with external events, depending only on nature. So much time has passed that snuff no longer knew what day it was, let alone what year. Coincidentally, when Snuff went hunting for wolves at night, he encountered strange people gathered and acting differently. He watched carefully and when he was surprised when one of the people killed a man on his knees, and then started to act like a cultist. His biggest fear was people with the mysterious flu, afraid of what happened to his wife. But when he came across people killing people, he thought that everything was back to normal and that he had just come across a group of strangers. Snuff decided to go to the city closest to where he was, but when he got there, he came across an empty city, with no signs of people. Walking attentively through the middle of the street, suddenly a person appears asking for help. In the conversation with the stranger, he learned about everything that happened during the time he was isolated and he told his story and the moment he witnessed. Startled, the stranger says that these people are called Vyzov and they are responsible for the disappearance of several survivors during the night. Snuff decides to go back to the jungle, however the stranger convinces him to go to a survivors' camp and starts to help them. After a long time without contact with people, Snuff creates a feeling for the people of the camp and when a friend mysteriously disappeared during the night, he starts to investigate and look for the friend, first suspecting the Vyzovs.
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