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  1. Eesti

    Crisp Screenshots

    Hot model, I approve.
  2. Eesti

    A Way Back

    I wish I were, people that are lost experience the world in a new way every single time, it would've been a good time.
  3. Eesti

    A Way Back

    I knew exactly where I was going! I just had never used the trail, I stick to the woods, the straightest path is the shortest, no time to lose.
  4. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Not afraid to apologize for his own mistakes, professional but at the same time very friendly, warm and overall chill guy, quick to reply and fix problems. Suggestions for improvement: Don't over-do yourself, silly mistakes can happen to anyone, I've seen you help other people and you've helped me before too, keep it up!
  5. The suggestion is to make metal doors breakable only with sledgehammers but yes.. you can take them down with both axes and sledgehammers atm.
  6. If a sledgehammer dents in then what would an axe do?
  7. Would really like to know if/when this will get added, any newz?
  8. You can fit a gun in your pack, you just can't pull it out and shoot instantly. Besides it being concealed, the animation is faster than when you take your gun out from your shoulder. Small guns should be allowed to be stored etc but not AKs, m4s, m417 etc. sadly gun traders won't like this but it's for the best if its removed.
  9. +1 you wouldn't really use axes to break down metal doors to begin with and axes are common to find, sledgehammer less so even though not so notably.
  10. Do we have to say no homo aswell? x
  11. I've had nothing but good RP from the people in the roster nice work! Please make one of your patients dab furiously at the police untill he/she/it gets shot. -edit grammar.
  12. Food is so easy to get, it's literally a joke. Canned food doesn't go bad and there are people that like to hunt and bring back meat but like it was said above, meat doesn't really rot so people carry 1 piece of boiled fat and they're good on food for a full day or more. -edit formatting
  13. I had no idea these existed to begin with..
  14. +1 i would love this, wallet gets another item to store into that makes sense to store there plus I don't want to keep 600 rounds or 700 nails on me just because I want to trade, I want to be able to move and trade..
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