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  1. This can be easily fixed by giving people jobs as scavengers and hunters which would arguably provide more roleplay and just let them stand still and enjoy life.
  2. Some items are near impossible or super hard to find such as .357 and crossbow bolts (crossbows should arguably be the only "gun" civillians should be able to use IRL without a license) I went to a mili base and found a socom and an rpg, mags and ammo for both meanwhile i loot through every city I go through and couldn't find pants i needed for the longest time (ive looked for 5 days!)
  3. show some love for civillians that can't have automatics pls
  4. @Mia @marauder1838 Thanks for the brief RP we had today at your camp, I'll be back and meet you again hopefully!
  5. I'd rather have them sell rarer items or stuff like fishing gear, MREs yada yada and all the clothes that cannot be monetized.
  6. Eesti


    I voted yes, I don't think it would require a -huge- amount of work, sometimes you know you can't go to X zone because it's another faction's territory regardless of it being true or not, so the admins/loremasters don't have to do anything but go with the flow of RP, furthermore it could lead to some cool events and I guess PVP events for people that want them to expand or w/e.
  7. I don't know anyone by that name.. Basko.
  8. We did a GAZ race with a demolition derby at the end and no one showed up.
  9. Propaganda to bring people to Deer island.. I see..
  10. I had hoped for more civillian RP atleast at the start of the lorewipe but hostilities began right away and I'm not talking about RF/RAC vs CLF but pretty much everyone being rather hostile to eachother for whatever reason, this has only gotten worse and worse and now everyone I know kind of hates eachother so I moved to Deer Island for a fresh start with hopefully new chars to meet and have fun but Deer isn't that active (although a peak of 20-30 isn't bad really.) other than that there are other games coming out and I play for fun and when I don't have fun I cannot bring myself to play, lately I've been just sitting on youtube. I liked the days when Olsha was just formed, civillian communities and all.. not communities of people pewpewing eachother 24/7.
  11. I don't think we need to make the map smaller, we just need more RP hubs, give a reason to stick around.. deer island is smaller and i didn't hear of a rp hub being set up and I really don't know where to find people there tbh.
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