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  1. Pretty sure you can hit them with a griefing report if they do that. Not quite sure but i have heard about that.
  2. They can sell ammo, clothes and other items...? Traders can be usefull for many other purposes other than weapons trading...
  3. Perhaps quantity limits and buying cooldowns could be instated as well? Though i am not sure if it is needed if the price is sufficiently high...?
  4. Recently it was announced traders will be added, and that they will be selling firearms. I personally think that traders selling weapons will break the Dayz dynamic, and that it will make some players go after Rubles instead of RP. What is your opinion on this?
  5. Just don't build a base or leave your doors open on logoff. Raiders are part of the Dayz cycle and sadly your base is a giant target. Doors mean promissed loot...
  6. Voted yes, seems like a reasonable request. And makes it makes sence.
  7. I agree with this, people steal stuff from eachother all the time, even if it is not a crisis. I understand that it is a small amount of players, but i do think that it can be a genuine concern to some people who want to play more static character, again, traders, pubs etc... again, i have no idea how this would be implemented, i don't even know if it is possible.
  8. To be honest, while i agree with implementing rules, i can also see how it is impossible to implement without a ton of headaches. The argument of "stop caring about loot" goes two ways though, raider, nor raided person should care about it. I believe it is hard to play out certain characters (Shopkeep, traders, etc...), because of excessive raiding. However, raiding is also a mechanic in the game, makeing this a hard topic to discuss without a sizeable amount of players feeling unsatisfied.
  9. Voted No, I think it is a good failsafe to stop people from makeing bad, overpowered or unrealistic characters characters.
  10. Born to a poor factory worker and his wife in the Soviet Union, he was the fourth son out of 7. He grew up working in a factory to support the family, There was no time for school for him. This harsh early life made him strife for a better life later on, and he envied the all rich people he saw, driving in their cars, looking down on him as if he was filth. In order to achieve this, and with no education to get a better paying job, he enlisted in the Soviet Armed forces in 1990, into a logistics company. During this time, the writing seemed to be on the wall for the Soviet Union, and sure enough, it came down a less than a year later. In the ensueing chaos, he witnessed the sheer corruption of his CO's. They started selling military hardware to the highest bidder, because no one was there to keep them in line. Vladimir was sucked into this, the money was just to good not to accept, and his compliance in the illegal weapons trade, made him well liked by the officers, who gave his carreer quite boost, eventually makeing him a second Lieutenant, in the newly formed Russian Armed Forces. This all came to a grinding halt when Vladimir was sendt to serve in the First Chechnian War, that started in 1994, as a logistics officer of the 255th Guards Motor-Rifle Regiment. This war however, turned out to be a failure for the young Russian Federation. In his downtime from war, Vladimir met Mila Fedorova, and they were happily married and had two children. The second chance came in 2000, when Vladimir was again sendt out to Chechnia. This time, under leadership of Vladimir Putin, they were able to subdue the Rebel fighters. While all of this was going on, Vladimir was continueing his lucrative business of secretly sending equipment out to foreign weapons dealers, makeing alot of money doing this. He was again promoted, now to first lieutenant, and after the war, he felt he had made enough contacts inside the military to get out, and so he did. But his network was found out, because a business partner drunkedly told someone all the goings on. Luckily for Vladimir, Too many powerfull people were involved, thus no one could be implicated. The man who talked was made to "Disappear" however. The jig was now up for Vladimir, and from now on, he would work alone, as too many people now knew what he was up to. He turned to legal weapon sales, and made his business out of it. His wife sadly died in a car accident, and his kids were leaving the house, as they had come of age to do so. Vladimir's weapon trading went alright, but he longed for the olden days, where he was making alot more money. Then, when he heard how bad the new epidemic was getting in Chernarus, He felt like he had a chance to make a new lucrative business over there, so he travelled over, and set up shop.
  11. Paul was born on 25-04-1996 in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, to a couple of ranch owners. He was raised Catholic and patriotic. He grew up working and helping around the ranch, and going on outdoor, fishing and hunting trips with his father. He is very close to his father, who is a devout Catholic, and very loveing, especially after his other son died during the beginning stages of the Iraq War.Paul's childhood was fairly careless, growing up in a smalltown was nice and calm. When he got older he would hang out with his friends, have a beer and go swimming. Paul likes the outdoors a lot, and his father wanted him to take over the ranch when he retired. Paul however was very impressed with dental work, and he wanted to become a dentist. He joined the Oregon Army National Guard and with their benefits and the pay he received he could afford going to school to become a dental assistant, with aspirations to become a dentist. He was then approached by his peers to go to a seminar in Chernarus, and to perhaps work there as a teacher for Chernarussian dental students. Paul was interested, but he was worried about the spreading disease there. When the second wave died down he felt it was safe enough to go, but he got stuck after Martial Law was declared. He is now trying to get back home, But worried it will take a very long time, or won't happen at all.
  12. Hi all, Joined a few days ago and very hyped to play!
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