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  1. I was on a research trip from my university in the USA when the virus struck and the borders closed. I was studying effects of ground water in the area infecting local residents with a strange disease. I work primarily on environmental issues and had no idea what this disease was, I just wanted to find out where it was coming from. We never found out. It got real bad in the country, riots and anarchy. The borders soon closed and we had no way home. There is only one thing now, Survival. And survive we will.
  2. I have recently had my app accepted and would like to say a hello to the community!
  3. John was born in the united states in an extremely conservative family. John's family influenced his beliefs greatly, until he entered middle school. In the area of the country that he lived in was very liberal and his family was not very social with others,so john did not have many friends. This all changed when john entered middle school. All of the other kids came from liberal families and john began to shift his views. By the time he entered high school john did not converse with his family or siblings much anymore, he focused on his study's for school and aeronautics. When john graduated from high school he decided to go to school in England and moved there to get a degree in journalism. During his time there he got his pilots license and started working for a small newspaper as an intern. Now, johns family was quite rich and up john entered middles school had supported him totally. But now that he had become a journalist reporting completely against their views. A few months after he was working for the newspaper he got a letter from his family. It was form his parents, they were unhappy with him and his job, they had decided to stop giving him money. Now john without their money was quite poor. He only had about five grand in his bank account. He was losing money from taxes, student loans and overall living. He needed to make money, and make it fast. He walked into his bosses office the next day and demanded a raise. The owner explained to him that they were also not making as much money as they hoped. John explained his position and asked him if there was anything, ANYTHING he could do to make some extra money. His boss told john that there was one thing, but he would be on his own with a budget of one thousand dollars. john asked him what it was and his boss shook his head and told him it was too dangerous. John yelled at him to give him the job or else he would quit the job completely. His boss finally told him about Chernarus, the lack of radio signals going in or out. "there has to be a story there" he told john as he stood up and shook his hand. "and john, be careful we don't know what kind of government is there,or lack of one" he told john that his best bet would be to go there by boat. So on that day john boarded the last boat to ever enter Chernarus. But when he arrived there only with basic supplies, he never could know what horrors waited for him beyond that beach. John is still today getting that story so he can return home to England. *CRITICISM IS ENCOURAGED*
  4. The little bird or Mh-6j or Ah-6x variant are my favorite helicopters, decent speed and highly maneuverable.
  5. Wolves, always wolves
  6. Can we get some more non clan related posts please!
  7. LOL i have heard about both groups both ways guess i just have to meet them to find out!
  8. Yeah makes sense. probably a lot of apps to deny LOL
  9. When will Whitelist be back up? I really want to fucking join!
  10. LoL thanks for all the help already! my idea for a back story is im a reporter that parachuted in but lost my crew. Im also wondering about player models is it random or is it choosable?
  11. I am looking to join DayzRP, it looks like my kind of game i always enjoy roleplaying games, my one problem with dayz is kos bandits. any tips for noobs joining?