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  1. o7 to the Inner Circle group 😢 

    I wasn't in the group officially for very long but I enjoyed all the interactions I got from all the members 😄 You influenced my character Eva so much and she went in a really different direction because of how the roleplay affected her so thank you for helping shape her story 😄 I would have posted this on the forums but it already locked :<

    Thank U Reaction GIF by Mauro Gatti

    Special shout out to those I interacted most with 😄 @Jackfish @SynO @Earl@Franny @Banksyyand @Queerios( on my nun Leontyna ) 

    1. Woodzie


      Doctor Who Reaction GIF

    2. Jackfish


      You did amazing, especially before you joined since we went inactive shortly after you joined.



    3. Lettuce


  2. Emma Stone Fashion GIF by Walt Disney Studios

    I love this film, enough said.

    Thank you for reading 😂

  3. Hypee! Props to @Jackfishfor the teaser he made Can't wait to see more ^^
  4. Thank youu! Happy to be here ^^ P.S. I, Lettuce, hereby forfeit my PK rights to @Jackfish leader of the Inner Circle.
  5. The ball gang has begun! 😂


    1. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      I’d bean but discord white

  6. My levels of hype are uncontained!
  7. @NiveousMary has left me and I'm still grieving! When they first became friends in the berezino hospital, I didn't think their stories would have ever gone in this direction and its been a heck of a ride! Going from being innocent doctors that went out of their way to help and protect everyone to becoming afraid in Pusta and Eva eventually fleeing to Russia, only to come back a slightly changed character and that lead to Mary and Eva going down more drastic paths for what they thought was safety Up until the end, it was sometimes just them two that had eachothers back, so thank you for the
  8. image.png.adf049f18a5575aca752f11a92fc02e2.png

    I see you Ellis...I see you 😂

    1. DrMax



  9. Lettuce


    Hi there The Man! Welcome to the community and all the best of luck with your whitelist Hope you enjoy your time here ^^
  10. Americas Got Talent Reaction GIF by Got Talent Global

    I see you over there! Joined the other side haveee wee? 😂

    1. Cor



    2. DrMax


      Wouldn’t it be joining your side since Eva is evil 😉 

    3. Lettuce


      @DrMax Shhh....🤭

      Resident Evil Vampire GIF

    4. Niller



      scatter falling tree GIF

  11. Thank youuu! I tried my best to seem a little strange, glad to hear I achieved it Totally didn't want revenge on Vladimir at all Amg...It was so emotional, I nearly cried No matter what happens it's always gynaecology squad 4 lyfe! A thanks to everyone that I interacted with today, had some really unexpected roleplay ngl I am still impressed I managed to creep out @Jackfish and @SynOafter being turned into a Vlad bot! Thanks to @GreenySmileyfor being my fellow injection lady @DrMax The saddest of wholesome roleplay happened today, will she ever get Dr Mayf
  12. This art is so amazing! Can I please have a piece done of eva after @DrMax? Okay thanks
  13. I have been having some stellar roleplay continously with this group especially lately ^^ The stream of fantastic roleplay and storylines you provide is top notch, keep up the great work and thanks for letting my character be apart of it My medical lady totally hasn't been brainwashed what are you talking about? please help me!
  14. Hi there Delle! A super big welcome to the community and best of luck with your whitelist I hope you enjoy your time here
  15. Jennifer Lawrence Oops GIF

    Our recent roleplay in a gif 😂

  16. A moment of silence for our lost medical family member 😭 Gone but not forgotten...R.I.P. Freddie! @Fallen_666sI loved the character ^^ I got to interact with him for a long ass time and you played him well ^^ 

    Halloween Rip GIF by Lucie Mullen

    P.S. all those wishing to be Mary's next husband please fill out the form and sign underneath, thanks 😂 @Niveous

    1. KonoSimp


      NO FREDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      @Fallen_666s I LOVE YOU

    2. Harsardie


      Mary is really not having an easy time rn... 😭 My condolences!

    3. Geek


               Rest in peace Freddie. Still cant believe it.
      Sterling K Brown Crying GIF by This Is Us

    4. Niller



    5. pl4nk


      o7 will be missed 😭

      Where do I fill this form though?

  17. Thank you for both the funny/scary and medical roleplay! It's always super interesting to interact with you lot ^^ @SynO vladimir is scary @Jackfish Please remember I am Eva not Mary, k thanks @CraigYou were the best test bunny to teach Niko on, thank you for being a good patient @JuicyPlum @Earl Best students ever ^^ Thank you for standing at the foot end Ellie!
  18. Greetings Ryan Shepherd, The staff team have reviewed this and decided to DENY your request, while people may have been discussing offline raiding in the topic, you then decided to add a video to show people how to download offline mode. The concept of offline raiding is irrelevant to the concept of DayZ's offline mode. It was thus irrelevant to the thread. By posting this video you contributed nothing other to the thread than a mockery of the arguments being presented against offline raiding. Mocking other people's arguments does not contribute to the conversation. With that being s
  19. Tired Morning GIF by LookHUMAN

    A daily dose of bad puns, your welcome! 🤓

    1. tz


      lettuce hear another...

    2. Lettuce


      You see that pun? I made it with my bear hands! 🐻

    3. Harsardie


      The "bearly awake" was already funny, but the one in the comments just caught me so off guard 😂😭

  20. Smh dupey...Smh...

    Kerry Washington No GIF by FOX TV

    1. Duplessis


      Joey Bosa Video GIF

  21. Amazing profile picture 😂

    Shaun The Sheep Movie Ok GIF

    1. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      thanks I drew it myself : )

  22. Hi there Lori! Welcome back to the community again ^^ If you want to have a look through the timeline link, that should help you catch up with recent events https://www.dayzrp.com/timeline/
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