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  1. Lettuce


    Hey Derty! A super big welcome to the community and best of luck on your whitelist
  2. Had some really cool medical roleplay today with @DrMax Thank you for travelling all the way to come see me @Poster @Drbeans Girls trip all the way! @TZ FISH BUDDIES 4EVER Epic McCoomer group dudes @cas @Havikar And a shout out to the three from Nová Naděje that came to meet us for a talk It was a brief but enjoyable experience ^^ @Scouse @Bryan @Wulf @SidChaos
  3. The radio show is seriously a amazing idea and I have thoroughly enjoyed it each time its been on the radio ^^ Keep up the good work
  4. Lettuce


    Hey DubNat! A super big welcome to the community and best of luck with your whitelist Hope you enjoy your time here
  5. Shaniqua Jones, a healthy little girl was born at 4:33am in the morning to a english lady named Merecedes in the suburbs of London. She was so highly intoxicated and drugged up with substances that weren't entirely legal that it was only until after she came round many hours later that she even acknowledged her child, that and the fact she was sadly now sober. It took her no sooner than three days after being released from hospital to dump the child at grandmother Libbie's saying she was a "inconvenience to her party girl lifestyle" and would hold her back when she was working the nights. It was because of this very nature of her mother's profession that she never really had any idea who her father could be and so she, with a absent mother got raised by the only family member left. Her elderly granny Libbie! Despite being quite frail, slow and sometimes very forgetful due to her age, she tried her best to care for this little babbling bundle that had been landed at her feet. Scraping together her retirement pennies to buy whatever she needed for school, a second hand bike for her birthday and new clothes from second hand charity shops when she outgrew the old ones. In all reality she could have had a better child hood but it also could have been a lot worse and so she was happy with her lot and grateful for what she did have. In her eyes, it was her and granny against the world in their tiny two bedroom flat and the thusly they became inseperable. She had always had a love of being creative especially with anything artsy or drawing related, so she and granny would frequently take day trips to the parks with a picnic and draw everything and anything they could see. Sometimes staying right up until closing time and having to shuffle back home in the dark. She was never really close with her birth mother growing up and so when they recieved news just after her eleventh birthday that her mother had passed away from a overdose one night, she didn't express much sadness or even cry. It was from then onwards that started her spiral of indifference which got progressively worse as she started into her teenage years. Hanging around with the girls and boys she had met at school as they began skiving off school. Indulging in booze, smokes and substances as well as all night parties! Because of this she was usually seen sleeping at school during the day and paying very little attention in the classes so her grades echoed this, much to grannies dismay. The only subject she wasn't failing was art. Feeling helpless to the changes that were happening to her grandchild as if history was repeating itself, Libbie tried to persuade Shaniqua to practice on her art more so she could progress and maybe even make a career out of it one day, the talks and hints were slow at first but she slowly started to pick herself up and channel her creative energies into her studies, for art atleast anyway! Things were looking up for her and the highlight of her week came when she received a surprise present from Libbie, an entirely new set of pencils, paints and brushes all for her. She was so delighted and thrilled she nearly cried but sadly that spark of happiness was not to last. A ex boyfriend named steve who was still feeling quite aggrieved at the break up decided to steal all her new art supplies during lunch break and set fire to them outside in the playfield, leaving her a note saying such. Upon reading this and discovering the now crispy ashes of her beloved possesions, she was filled with such rage that she marched on over towards the football field and smacked the crap out of him infront of the entire team...Getting dragged off to the headmistresses office and expelled from school shortly after, she had a lot of explaining to do when she got home. The next several years she had the chance to go back to school and finish her classes but she decided that wasn't for her and quite frankly sod 'em! During the days she spent her time either helping out at the local pet store or continously working on her art style and even developed a love of spray paints and especially graffiti. Armed with the bright sprayable colours she would quite literally paint the town come night time and this resulted in her having several offences and police record. Including evading arrest, vandalism, drunken and disordly conduct, disruption of the peace and aggravation of a police officer. In a last ditch attempt to try and salvage her granddaughters prospects from spiralling once again, Granny Libbie used the entirety of her pension savings to send Shaniqua on a "rehabiliation course in nature for troubled youths" which just so happened to be travelling this year to Chernarus for the retreat therapy. Having landed in Chernarus with the group she travelled there with and their caretakers, things were actually going pretty well. She was filling up her sketchbook faster than she had predicted, the other clients were nice and relatively friendly most of the time and the food wasn't that bad either. Even if she did long for a overly salty fish and chips with a nice cuppa tea. Sadly such as seems to be Shaniqua's luck, the peace wasn't to last and they all ended up getting sent down towards the camps for their own safety after the waves grew bigger. She was content enough there for awhile but eventually became restless, after stealing several supplies from other people's bags one evening, she snuck out on her own and has been wandering about ever since! She has little idea how to survive in the wild but she grew up fighting in a rough neighbourhood, so that should be the same...right? How hard could it be? Overly mouthy = She has a tendency to be quite loud and say exactly what she's thinking, she sometimes doesn't know when to hold her tongue and even if she does, she'll still probably speak anyway! Literally blunt = She doesn't know subtley so don't expect her to ever sugar coat anything, you'll get the 100% raw truth from her, if she decides to tell the truth that is. Super creative = She has a flare for the life of expression through paints, pencils and sprays! Seeing shapes in everyday items and landscapes she can be instantly inspired and all focus is swept away into her sketchbook until she is finished. Sometimes passively indifferent = Where the good citizen would jump in to aid their fellow human in need, she tends to hesitate somewhat. She's not a bad person persay...But tends to look at a situation and think, if I am to go out of my way to help, what's in it for me? Has a weakness for addictions = Even though she has currently once again kicked the bad habbits for the most part, if she gets overly stressed or in a close enviroment to them she may be tempted to relapse. Sneaky and light fingered = Growing up in the enviroment she did, you learn to be thrifty but also how to keep your eyes and ears open should a opportunity arise to earn some extra cash or repurpose people's items for herself. + Sketching and spray painting + Salty fish and chips + Stealing "Recycling items" + Drinking + Parties and funny company - Getting caught - Being caged - Loud mouth violent types - Sticking her fingers together accidentally with nail glue
  6. Updated the character page 😄 I may have a slight love of making new banners...I can stop at anytime I swear! 😂

    cat chatting GIF

  7. Cheering at the fighting ring in Killeshandra! Or rather "Han Lee's Dojo"
  8. 8/10 Is a uniquely creative and interesting sounding name
  9. Its a really great idea I have enjoyed it immensely so far ^^
  10. @Basko 10/10 you have such a amazing character page! Both aesthetically pleasing to look at, easy to read and the character concept is refreshingly different to ones I have read previously Really liked it I hope to meet them in game one day ^^
  11. Lettuce

    Elizabeth's adventures

    Screenies I have taken while roleplaying in dayz!
  12. Hey NEPFsoldier! A super big welcome to the community and best wishes on your whitelisting process
  13. Hey BonkyBonk! A huge welcome to the community and so happy to hear you are enjoying your time on the server ^^ Best wishes for future fun roleplay experiences
  14. Hey Brenda! First of all a super duper big welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your time here As for being new to the roleplay server and especially shy on voice, really not to worry as we all start somewhere If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask the staff and check the newcomers guide ^^ Best of wishes in your whitelist process
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