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  1. Just wanted to say I have been having so much fun roleplay in this group both with a mix of serious, medical and relaxed campfire styles! It has truly been a really great experience so far and I'd like to say a very big thanks to everyone involved for making it so great ^^ Can't wait for more future experiences and thank you for welcoming me into the group P.S. VS best squad @DrMax
  2. Tensions were high last night at the bar with @Realize and @Dr Bradley Sticking @IosephusQ inside a cage! @DrMax Totally didn't pay me too... Cage victim number 2. @Dr Bradley
  3. I personally live for pink and pastel colours so I am loving the first and second ones! A big plus one from me
  4. This is hilarious Did you leave him with any snacks?
  5. You scared the socks off me with the iniation! Super great roleplay tho
  6. As this thread topic has now been resolved, it has been locked ^^ // resolved + locked
  7. A big thank you to the amazing dingle for all my profileee graphicss! 🤩

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    1. Dingle


      My pleasure! It was fun to work on ^^

  8. congrats GIF

    Hypeee! 😄 ⭐ 🥳

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      Rolle took away my fat stacks of beanz.

      *Kermie Gives beanz*


  9. You will be missed! 😭

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  10. Hey DagothUr! A super big welcome to the community and hope you enjoy your time here
  11. *Her slightly beaten up radio crackles and hums as she speaks* "W-with all due respect, sir with the slightly meniacle sounding cackle, is it also not the job of belief and faith to offer hope and comfort in these trying times, no matter what we go through. This God you also speak of, if I am to believe it is of the christian faith, he is a forgiving and loving entity, not one soley of fear mongering and suffering. Perhaps you should look to help your fellow man, rather than cast them down. T-thank you." *She releases the radio's button, having to smack it on the table several times to turn it off properly*
  12. Doing a great job! Keep up the good work 😄 🥳

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  13. Hey JaredA! Welcome back to the community again and hope you enjoy your stay here
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