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  1. Ilikelettuce

    Life in the eyes of Ekaterina

    Screenies I take while in the roleplay situations of Ekaterina!
  2. I may have given myself a slight headache making so many new profile page banners...But I think it looks hopefully worth it? 😂 🤞


    Charlie Day Head GIF by swerk


    1. DrMax


      Looks very nice! 

    2. Ilikelettuce
  3. Hand over the teddies and no one gets hurt!
  4. First day on the job and already seen and treated three paitents, met lots of interesting people and got to know my fellow co-workers better! Over all a great day of rp 😄 Can't wait to see what the next days bring 🤩


  5. All the people I have met so far that are apart of the group have been super amazing to interact with! I can't wait to see what the future days bring ^.^
  6. Thank you for being a excellent guide and keeping me safe on the travels to the hopsital! Also a big thanks to @Vaetherium and @Franklin Ranner for helping me too
  7. First shift tomorrow with the Humanitarian Aid Relief Organisation people and I am hyped! 😄 Thanks for accepting me into the faction 🥳 


    1. DrMax


      welcome captain GIF

    2. Taffinator


      First shift flexing on peeps like:



  8. Best random road dance party ever!
  9. She was born in Stary Sobor, Chenarus to a half english lady called Svetlina Kotov and her Chernarussian husband Dima Kotov approximately twenty seven years ago. Being their own child she was their bundle of joy and they cherished her greatly however their happiness was not to be long lasted as shortly three years after her birth her parents divorced and her mother emigrated to english terrain and took her three year old daughter with her. Spending a lot of her time working as a single parent, she did everything she could to provide for her daughter and eventually ended up achieving her dream of opening up her own vetenarian practice which although heavily successful, left her less and less time to alocate for childcare. Ekaterina ended up being raised by a variety of fleeting nannies as they passed through their household until she was old enough to be sent to boarding school and then she once a fully grown human being entered university to specifically be a childrens nurse in a Paediatric department. On a celebatory whim after having successfully graduated from university and also landing a job as exactly that shortly after, she decided to book a plane ticket to Chernarus and enjoy a small holiday there while also trying to re-connect with her estranged father and favourite cousin Tomas Deylow! She has been stuck there in Chernarus ever since...
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