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  1. Characters Back Stories

    Ya, one of my rules explanation was longer than my back story, I got every thing down about it.
  2. Characters Back Stories

    Partly, but I think they look at your understanding of the rules a bit more. Roleplay over ruleplay. 10/10 Great phrase!
  3. Characters Back Stories

    Explaining rules I would thin would be less, because anyone can write a long paragraph on the rules since the have materials they can take ideas from, unlike a back story where you have to make is up {Unless you copy some other person backstory}
  4. Characters Back Stories

    Ya I know, but your acceptance relies heavily on the Back Story doesn't it?
  5. Characters Back Stories

    Thank you guys for your input, wished I asked before doing my application . Would of helped me make a back story easier!
  6. Characters Back Stories

    Hey guys Sprofy here! I just submitted my Whitelist application, I just wanted to ask an question about a part of the application and have the communities opinion of it. For the Back Story part of your character what did you guys put the most effort and focused mostly on. The 'Before Outbreak', 'Beginning/ Early Stages of Outbreak', or the 'Right Now'? Thanks you for taking your time to read this, Sprofy!
  7. Previous Account gone?

    No its ok, I have no problem with Re applying and what not. I remember I replied to a couple of threads, which I guess got deleted. Other than that thank you staff for the great help!
  8. Previous Account gone?

    Ah, thank you! Quick reaction time, woo. Thank you again.
  9. Previous Account gone?

    Hello Sprofy here, I remember around a 2 to 1 month ago, making an account with the same name Sprofy. Yet I am sure that I made a forum post within 30 days of making it. Thank you for taking your time, Sprofy!