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  1. Characters Name: Maxim Gorbachev Clan: Black Crosses Specialty: Close Quarters, Assault
  2. My friend, don't worry about getting 'good gear' as it's not needed to Roleplay. Just focus on RP and carry around a normal weapon that's linked to your character as it's so much better as people won't want to instantly rob you when you meet. I usually focus on the RP, it is just when I find something really nice that I end up dying in the next hour or so.
  3. Both of you will enjoy it!
  4. I for some very common reason die from a very stupid cause, always recently after I find some good gear!
  5. REBEL

    Whats your biggest fuck up

    My biggest Fuck up, I was in a large group, our group came in contact with another group who had KOS rights on us. I was not even paying attention while a full blown fire fight started. After I came out of my daydream and realized we were fighting another party. I managed to lay down, at that point I was killed. I did not even shoot back, it was like shooting a pig in a field. The worst part was, I was in a clan that did really well in fire fights. I was just recently recruited and they asked me if I was good in a fire fight scenario, of course I said yes!
  6. REBEL

    News Design [What do you think?]

    The format is killer!
  7. Honestly, it really depends on what you are doing and what the RP scenario is.
  8. REBEL

    Important community announcement

    Nuclear Fusion Gaming Community N.F.G.C. Radiant Intel Gaming Community R.I.G.C. Apocalyptic Beginnings Gaming Community A.B.G.C. Interlocked Gaming Community I.G.C Universal Unity Gaming Community U.U.G.C. Cross Light Gaming Community C.L.G.C. These are just my ideas, feel free to comment.
  9. Today I was just looking in Group Ideas, and Group Forums just for the heck of it. All of the sudden I came to realize that CTC is a group. Yes, they are protectors of TP and a lot of them are our Administrators Team (admins, GameMasters, Junior Gamemasters, Moderators, etc.), but they do not have a group forum, why is that? They have a set of goals, have enemies, protect people in TP, have laws, deny certain individuals/ Groups from entering TP(of course for RP reasons). So why is it that, our most law-abiding/enforcing, known strongest group in DayRP does not have a group Forum? I was really just wondering!
  10. I would love to state my opinion on what your character should be, but I need more information on what you are really looking for.
  11. REBEL

    ARCHIVE Dawnguard [Dawnguard]

    It sounds great, something DayZRP needs!
  12. Hey people, I was just saying hello. I thought it was a good idea and am really wanting to enjoy this mod. Cheers, REBEL