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  1. Reuvin Kelly, known by his mates as Smoke-o, not because he smoked but because he had a tendency to blow stuff up and thereby constantly had the smell of smoke about him. Growing up in Israel was quite interesting since he wasn't fully Israeli and not fully Aussie, but definitely all international. Before turning 18, he joined several active sports groups including but not limited to: Archery; Olympic Fencing, which he quit soon after joining; and Paintball. After turning 18, he was recruited into the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) for his three year service, where he was first required to attend the Army Ulpan, a school where the soldiers are taught Hebrew. With Hebrew under his belt, he continued with his basic and advanced training in the Combat Engineering Corps and eventually acceptance into the Elite Combat Engineering unit called, Yahalom. His time spent getting into Yahalom, plus the extra years he was expected to serve due to joining that unit, pressured Reuvin into becoming a career soldier. This move wasn't altogether pleasing to his family or some of his friends but he was determined to serve his country, and besides, what else was he gonna do aside from study after the army? Digging up landmines, blowing up Hamas tunnels during war, playing with grenades and shooting a rifle were a lot of fun and paid decently well if he didn't get carried away spending it in between paydays. During the latter portion of his 5th year of service, Reuvin was intrigued by an ad he saw regarding some explosives tech that he'd never seen before in Chernarus. After some deliberation, he requested permission from his superiors to fly out to Chernarus in search of this tech. Surprisingly, his request was granted and was shipped out within the week together with several other soldiers from foreign countries as part of a semi-secret squad code-named: Knight. \ Needless to say, he never found explosives from the ad ...
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